Saturday, August 10, 2013


A reader has a son who is an NCO in 1ST Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment wanted to share something he wrote before the son attended Ranger School, some years ago.

Of the Rangers, their incredible accomplishments and legacy, and the brutal training they go through to become who they are, I have this to say:


- S.L.

"Be strong because anything worth achieving is challenging. Keep focused on the prize because it can be your pathway to greater things. Maintain your honor in everything you do, for it is the polish that makes your achievements shine brighter. Love your family and friends harder, for if all else falls around you, they will still be here for you. Fight and work within the moment for this is what your training is all about, and then afterwords you can view the progress toward your goals.

The greatest leaders in history inspired others to achieve great things. Great leaders are confident, not cocky. They are involved and concerned with every aspect of their responsibility, but allow others to handle their jobs. Great leaders are concerned for those that depend upon them, looking out for their greater good and success. Leaders teach so others may follow in their footsteps. Real leaders lead from the front, for it is the only way followers can move forward. Finally, great leaders are humble, giving credit to those they lead when objectives are achieved, but taking the burden of responsibility for when they are not."

Along with his family, Team STORMBRINGER is very proud of this young man and his work & we thank him and his comrades for their service.


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