Sunday, August 4, 2013


WELL WELL WELL . . . Uncle Stormy did a little Internet data-mining and looky what surfaced:

Another hypocritical actor in today’s anti-gun scene: ex-rapper and underwear model turned actor Marky-Mark Wahlberg (friend of Uber-Liberal George Clooney).

Hollywood tough-guy, action adventure icon Mark Wahlberg.

One of the more well known incidents of Wahlberg’s assaults at Mr. Heston took place back in 2000, at the MTV movie awards show where Mark Wahlberg (on stage with, Clooney) was presenting the honor for “Best Villain.” In front of the live audience (and the entire world) Marky-Mark stated, “I believe Charlton Heston is America’s best villain because he loves guns so much. Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association.”

Wahlberg, a repeatedly arrested teenage convicted felon, bad mouthed a champion of gun rights while portraying and glorifying gun slinging characters in films like “Planet of the Apes,” “Shooter,” “Three Kings” and “Max Payne.”

Wahlberg, in the April 26th, 2007 issue of Herald Sun: “I’d like to see if we could take them (guns) all away. It would be a beautiful thing.” Wahlberg attempted to clarify his movie gun-use: “I haven’t used a gun anywhere other than on a movie set.” Do as I say not as I do.

Pitiful . . . and a shame, too . . . I actually liked Mark's work, thought he was the real deal . . . I guess it's OK for him to glorify guns & violence in the movies - that's just what he does for the Almighty Dollar . . . then he absolves himself by taking swipes at an old man suffering from Alzheimer's . . . turns out Mark Wahlberg is just another frikkin Hollyweird Liberal hypocrite . . . like all the rest of them . . . I wonder if he has armed personal bodyguards like his pal Clooney?

Shame Shame Shame



  1. 'Welcome to the party pal' '-) - some of us had markymark 'pegged' a long time ago (not sayin' you are slow or anything!).
    That was the reason a couple of us commented regarding the upcoming moving pitcher he is 'starring' in................

    OTB MCPO sends............

  2. A couple of things. First, he's a convicted felon and as such is barred for life from even touching a firearm. So why is he allowed to make all of these movies with firearms in them? There is no loophole in GCA 68 for actors.

    IIRC, the guy he and his buddies assaulted that led to him being a felon lost a eye. I'll see if I can find the article again and link it. The hypocracy of those in Hollyweird knows no bounds. All of these actors make millions making all of these shoot-em-ups, yet they want to take my guns away. I have no words.

    Semper Fi.

  3. If you haven't seen "Idiocracy" I highly recommend it. But "by their fruits ye shall know them" so all of this is no surprise to me anymore. Ho-hum same drum. Its all a matter of what/who we want to focus on I suppose - Hollyweirdos or people who uplift and inspire and motivate to change the world for good?

    Maybe there's a reason that Hollyweird is going down.

  4. He's not even much of an actor. I tolerate him & his movies only because he looks kinda "nice", no talent for acting & music, though...

  5. The guy whose eye he put out was a Vietnamese man. The attack was racially-motivated.
    It's a complete travesty to have this ... actor ... portray Marcus Luttrell.
    Boat Guy

  6. As for Stormbringer's question re armed bodyguards, you can bet the farm that all the Hollywood MegaMillionaire Marxists and Billionaire Bolsheviks have very well armed, very expensive bodyguards.

    After all, why should they own a gun? If some thug(s) attacks them, they have paid men with guns to immediately save them.

    The unwashed worker peasants don't need guns. They can call 9-1-1. Maybe a man with a gun will come save them. Simple.

    Hollywood neo-lib "progressives" are the most blatant hypocrites the world had ever known.


  7. the heroic marky mark also said if he was on one of the planes on 9/11 he would have taken out the terrorists. its a fact.

  8. I was actually Wahlberg's limo driver during those awards. Our company was one of the extra ones brought in to assist with the overload. I have NOTHING good to say about the man. Consider this - his manager and agent asked to be dropped off early in the evening. Outside the car, they offered to give me a tip. I started to decline, stating that it's normally not done until the end of the car's night. They shot each other knowing glances and said, "Trust us, you better take it now". They knew Wahlberg better. This was a small example of many worse incidents that occurred that night. The guy is a total tool.
    On the other hand, during Academy Awards, one of our drivers had Charleton Heston and his wife. Said they were very gracious. The car was a sedan and Heston had a bad leg so he had his leg extended into the front seat via the seat divider for relief. The driver told the rest of us drivers, "I can't believe it, I'm sitting here right next to Spartacus' foot!"

  9. Yikes! Sorry about that, NOT Spartacus, but Ben Hur. Must get more sleep...