Sunday, August 2, 2009



Tom - a friend of this blog - has commented at length on the performance limitations of the V-22 Osprey, and it's failure to meet contractual design specifications. His comments are correct, concise, and they are worthy. I was aware of the controversy surrounding this unusual aircraft, but not to the extent that Tom has reported. The comments he posted will be incorporated into a detailed update on the V-22.


At the time of posting, I was aware the controversy surrounding PFC Bowe Bergdahl's situation. I felt then (and still do) that the bottom line is this: an American soldier is being held by a ruthless enemy.

There has been speculation in the media regarding the circumstances leading to his capture, from persons who should know better. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters - I'm talking to you: your comments are dangerously irresponsible at this early stage of the situation.

Heads up, Peters: you are a military man, you should know better. When being held by a ruthless enemy known for using terrorist tactics, what you say in front of a camera is not valid and will not be held against you. Under these circumstances, the United States government does not ask you to give up body parts, or your life.

Until the full facts emerge, we must do everything and anything we can to assist PFC Bergdahl's survival under the most extreme conditions. To this end, we keep must keep faith in PFC Bergdahl and the United States of America, and provide nothing his captors can use against him, or to strengthen their own cause.

Godspeed, PFC Bergdahl. We hope & pray for your safety, and that you return soon.

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