Tuesday, February 22, 2011


BLACKFIVE: Columbia Families and Alums are Speaking Out

President Bollinger,


I am writing regarding Colombia's treatment of our military's wounded on your campus. Specifically, Anthony Maschek, an American hero. This is absolutely disgraceful. You need to denounce such behavior for it is because of wounded veterans your students have free speech but this is certainly lost on the Columbia student body and administration.

My uncle a WWII veteran (now deceased) received his masters from Columbia. Your students and administration dishonor him.


Blackfive points out General Dwight D. Eisenhower served as Columbia University's President from 1948 to 1953 . . . Read more HERE - the entire episode is astonishing, but the veteran's families' response is incredible - S.L.



  1. Sean, Wretchard rolled out a nice comment regarding the outing by the Guardian of the IC in Paki custody:
    "Whatever obligation the Guardian felt itself under, it did not extent to keeping a lid on the information. We live in a strange world where information on a birth certificate or the whereabouts of lawmakers is sacrosanct but identity of a man who may be acting to protect the very civilization that protects these privacy rights may be disclosed as a matter of moral urgency."

    Can be found in his "Mad World" post.

  2. http://www.Indoctrinate-U.com

    And BHO is a Columbia Alumnus.