Wednesday, February 23, 2011


From American Patrol Report - February 21

To show just how open our borders really are, this weekend a concerned citizen took his camera out to the desert just south of Interstate 8 in Arizona and took video of people walking into the U.S. Were they illegal aliens? Is the Pope a Catholic?

A number of groups were spotted and reported; but the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended only one.

We are showing just a part of the videos that were taken. (Click here to see.)

These people had crossed 70 miles of open desert without being detected. Sensors were not triggered (or they were ignored) and the highly touted Predator B UAV didn't spot them (or the report was ignored.)

Would DHS Secretary Napolitano be shocked to see this sort of thing? Probably not.

1 Camera, 1 Trail, 21 Days, 63 ILLEGALS:

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  1. No border patrol is needed. Just go to the public schools and hospital emergency rooms -- you can pick them up there.

  2. We did the OJS NG Mission in 06-07 in TX. Not sure how the BP is in AZ, but the ones in TX were sometimes okay and answer any calls we sent out about a sensor going off. Just depended how busy they were or what or who they were doing at the time of the call. We were only allowed to do surviellance and assist in TCP's. We helped the ICE agenst more then the BP. BP South Laredo didn't not like us there at all. But conspiracy theory; we had 4-5 NG arrested for helping bring people or contraband over. I had already left the mission, but got a phone call from CID asking questions. if i knew them or if i knew what they were doing, or notice anything. But i was not in thier sector so couldn't really answer the questions. So who knows who those NG boys were working for. Cartel, themselves? and we went thru extensive background checks, tattoo checks. to see if there was any gang relations.

  3. My property is in Dateland and is actually pictured in this map, I drive Highway 8 on a weekly basis and can tell you that the border patrol is in the area but they are mighty thin, the area to the south is plagued with a problem for border patrol in that they can't have access to vast areas that are known crossing points, Politics, environmental and sovereign Indian Reservations make it tough to patrol.