Monday, February 14, 2011


. . . Alan Caruba shares brilliant insight with us from his most excellent blog WARNING SIGNS:

". . . Egyptians, ten years or less into the future, might look back at his thirty years of dictatorship as 'the good old days.' "

". . . the Central Intelligence Agency . . . I seriously doubt could predict tomorrow’s weather. Reportedly, the news of Mubarak’s decision to step down came to the current CIA Director, Leon Panetta, from CNN.

. . . they (the CIA) were taken completely by surprise when both Pakistan and India achieved nuclear weapon parity. I can even recall the debacle of the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a happy surprise . . ."

Alan obliquely refers to a salient point I made in THE STORMBRINGER CONTROVERSY:

"So it is left to imbeciles in the news media to tell us what is happening, why it is happening, and what is likely to happen.

That’s how we ended up with Walter Cronkite reporting from Saigon that Tet was a huge defeat for the American forces when it was, in fact, a huge victory or Dan Rather’s utterly false report about George W. Bush’s National Guard history . . .

Since the late 1980s, this mush-for-brains crowd has been telling us that global warming was real . . ."

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You gotta love it. I wish I could crank out brilliance like this even once a week but I'm a soldier - even in what I do now - not a journalist and the sad fact of the matter is there are only so many hours in a day, only so many days in a week. Necessity being the Mother of Invention, therefore, it is with great fanfare that Blog STORMBRINGER proudly presents:

(drum roll)



NASA To Honor Dead Egyptian Bimbo

What is with this government? Every day there is another slur on American Culture, American Values. This time the agency is NASA . . .

U.S.-Afghan-Pakistan Meeting Delayed Amid Tensions Over U.S. Prisoner
With allies like this who needs enemies?

American Thinker Blog: Afghan Red Cross worker with one leg set to be hanged for conversion to Christianity
Take note - this is happening in a regime that we prop up with billions of U.S. dollars and the lifeblood of thousands of our soldiers. Does anybody know the outcome of this outrage?

Iraqi Christians Flee Wave Of Targeted Violence
This story comes from NPR no less . . .

Iraqi Christians Flee Mosul after Series of Murders

Sad to say; Christians had a better deal under Saddam Hussein than under the current management . . .

Haunted by violence, Iraqi Christians flee to Turkey
Judeo-Christian-based politics are better than Islam any day of the week.

52 Iraqi Christians killed by al Qaeda after raid on church
FACT: Christianity is the single most persecuted religion on Earth.

If nothing else, this is a brilliant way to include politics without turning STORMBRINGER into a political site . . . same way I managed to incorporate the North American version of a Page Three Girl* . . .


. . . without frosting the Ladies Auxiliary . . . speaking of which; this Monday's Mystery Bird is HERE

"Happy Valentines Day Ladies!"




  1. How can anyone expect the CIA to be able to give any credible info. It is a division of the State Dept. and there has been a large contingent of far left (read communist) "sympathizers" in place there since WWII. That coupled with the Clinton/Carter mandates that no one of "ill-repute" is to be employed or recruited for info in foreign countries. Our national intelligence operation is in total shambles and is close to disrepair. We have Clapperton and Napolitano runni9ng the show from the top and God only knows what is giving them any info. That we had no idea in Washingto that Egypt was going to blow (at least that is how it sounds from BHO and Clapperton) is very scary.

  2. The CIA is not now, nor has it ever been, a part of the State Department.

    Just because they work out of embassies does not mean the State Department owns them.

    Not any more than the State Department owns the embassy Marines, or the military attaches and their staffs that work out of the embassies.

    You can say a lot of disreputable things about the CIA, but they are mostly attributable to the bureaucracy of government that the operators must burden beneath - much like we in Special Operations. The hardcore heart and soul of the Agency is in good hands, I can assure you. Like any organization of its size, they have their fair share of duds and sluggos, but the problem is not at operator or direct supervision level, or even of middle management; of that I can assure you.