Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I always liked this song when the classic rock station played it. I never really listened to the lyrics that closely; I just liked the bluesy sound, and was sure it was by a Southern rock band. Shows what I know - it is of course by Steely Dan, whose members all hail from the upper East Coast.

I can listen to this tune for hours on end:

Occasionally I'll watch parts of it - these women who did President Clinton's dirty work (I spent the Clinton years outside the US and was thus spared the daily bombardment at the time).

Now that our enemies are emboldened, and whole countries in the Middle East are threatened by popular uprisings, this YouTube clip has taken on a new meaning. Now it's President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and she's a fool to do his dirty work. The ending of the song is prescient: "like a castle in its corner in a medieval game, I forsee terrible trouble and remain here just the same."

Remember when all we worried about was who was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom? Makes me feel positively sentimental...Bill Clinton has been totally rehabilitated. I just have one question: what the hell is the King doing here at 1:46 and 1:52???

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