Sunday, February 20, 2011


"Residents in Surrey have been told not to reinforce their garden-shed windows with wire mesh, in case burglars hurt themselves trying to break in. Police warned them that they could be sued if criminals were injured by homemade security systems".

- this week's issue of "The Week"

From family friend Matt in the UK:

No wonder so many people are reluctant to interfere and go to the help of somebody being attacked in the streets although an elderly lady did recently, God Bless Her.

When I was a small boy I saw my father make it very clear to a man who had threatened me with a stick, by picking him up and shaking him, that that was not to happen. Years ago an Uncle of mine went to the aid of a lady being attacked. The attacker was held in the police cells for some days before the police decided his facial bruises had faded enough for him to appear in court. I did a similar thing although not quite to the same extent, not long after the end of WWII.

Nowadays it would be us charged and sentenced.

In Australia my nephew went to the aid of a lady in similar circumstances and was rightly rewarded by the police.



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