Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AUSTRALIAN RULES UPDATE: Magpie Dane Swan wins the Brownlow Medal

Brownlow medallist Dane Swan pays tribute to those he believes won him the medal.

The Epitome of a Sportsman:

Swan paid tribute to his parents, his teammates and outgoing coach Mick Malthouse.

"He's the most important out of everyone," Swan said.

"Mick gave me a second chance and from then on I've tried to repay him as much as possible.

"To win a Brownlow for him in his last year of coaching is fantastic and something I'm immensely proud of. He's been everything to me as a coach and has been the only one I've ever had so he's made me the player I am."

Dane Swan arrives at the Brownlow count with girlfriend Taylor Wilson. Picture: David Caird

For those not aware the Antipodean Culture, the Brownlow Medal is Australian Rules Football's equivalent of the NFL's Heisman Trophy. - S.L.



  1. Interesting lack of protective equipment. What are the comparative injury statistics for Aussie and U.S. football?
    Are the players of equivalent sizes in both leagues? If not, what rules differences lead to those differences?
    Yes, these are naive questions, but the questioner is naive.

    Minor quibble: The Heisman is for college players, not the NFL.

  2. Right you are about the Heisman - just backstops what something I said about growing up overseas:


    I love football, but I really do know more about Quantum Physics than I do NFL . . .