Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Must Read: A Little Perspective Is In Order

Reposted from September 26, 2011

Here`s a must read article for all you military blog readers by my friend and fellow blogger CJ Grisham, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Following is an excerpt from "A Little Perspective Is In Order" but you`ll need to head over to the site, where you`ll be able to read the full article.

“I recently read a story where a supposed “writer” was talking about the death of a Soldier. The unit the “writer” is embedded with has suffered many casualties during their deployment, which ends soon. I have friends in that unit that have expressed disgust with how this “writer” has completely disrespected their last two memorial ceremonies by getting in everyone’s faces and taking photos. While people were talking or grieving, he’d walk around taking photos, the audible “click, click, click” of his camera disrupting the services.

I can honestly report an occasion where I got in a reporter's face and physically made him cease and desist from the kind of behavior described above - S.L.

In this piece I read, the “writer” explained in dramatic and gory detail exactly how this Soldier had died – lying face down in the dirt, missing his arms and legs. When asked if he was okay, the Soldier responded affirmatively – either recognizing that he was about to die and didn’t want to worry his fellow troops or not realizing the gravity of his situation due to shock.

I took great disgust in this hit piece on the integrity and honor of this Soldier’s sacrifice being laid out in such gory detail for the world to see. But, it’s not the casual reader I care about. What bothers me is that this young Soldier has a family. He has a mother and father that one day will read this account and realize that their son died a painful and horrible death, face down in the dirt! It’s unconscionable that a responsible “writer” with a supposed military background would publish such details…”

Read the entire story HERE

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