Saturday, September 24, 2011


Some critical but little known facts of the modern history of the Middle East . . .

And now for you Bird-watching aficionados HERE's something more about Israel I think you'll find interesting . . .



  1. Too bad the facts are so badly misconstrued.

    There were NO Arabs calling themselves Palestinians prior to Israels independence.

    Jordan was created on 77% of the land promised to the Jews in 1920 at the San Remo Conference.

    After the War of independence Jordan ILLEGALLY occupied the West Bank of the Jordan River, but NEVER ANNEXED the territory. EGYPT NEVER ANNEXED the Gaza Strip.

    Nice effort, but get your facts straight next time.

  2. Ah, welcome DoubleTapper! Where are you now?

    Yes I knew that no Arabs called themselves Palestinians prior to Israel's independence - this vid clip does not make that clear. However I thought the point about Jordan was in there - I'll have to watch it again. And yes you are correct Jordan never annexed West Bank and Egypt never annexed Gaza. I believe at some point in history Gaza was a kingdom of it's own back in ancient times?

    It is very important that factual information about Israel is transmitted as far and wide as possible - now more than ever. What we have been witnessing before our very eyes over the past fifty years is nothing more than an attempt to continue the Holocaust against the Jews, by the Arabs and whoever else (Communists, etc).

    This what the latest attempt to establish a Palestinian State represents and this is why it must not be.