Monday, September 26, 2011


Some good oil from a reader Down Under:

The Australia Network - part of International Broadcast Partners Television, of the Big Pond organization - continues a close association with the Australian Football League in 2011.

AFL coverage in the United States of America is televised on ESPN2. ESPN2 will carry live coverage of the 2011 Toyota AFL Grand Final.

Live online streaming of AFL matches can be viewed weekly on - The most success I had looking for Australian Rules on ESPN was the last ten minutes of a match one time, could never find it again after that. I went to - I typed in Australian Rules - nothing . . . AFL - nothing . . . Grand Final - nothing . . . Collingwood - nothing . . . maybe it has to be on the day of the match..

Visit for more information.

Better luck here - I typed in Collingwood and found replays from yesterday's match. Apparently there's an interactive link to places that will be showing the grand final live - I haven't found it yet.

Our buddy in the Lucky Country was actually at the Geelong game, reports that the Cats looked very very good, and reminds that Geelong did beat the Pies by 96 points in round 22.

Now that I'm living near several large cities (Philadelphia / Baltimore / DC ) I might even get to see it live.

"Kill for Collingwood"
- Sean Linnane

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  1. I'll be able to pick up the tape delay broadcast down here in Northern Va. Cable co has some kind of world tv network on their channel selection. I've been an Adelaide Crows fan since the early 90's - looking forward to seeing them back in the Grand Final.....someday.

  2. Sorry to go OT, but I feel that it is my duty to bring to your attention this new weapons concealment system on the market. I would hate to read hereon of someone getting the drop on any of you operators with this rig.... ;-)!