Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've stated it before within these honorable pages - the solution to our nation's monumental problems is achievable and is in fact right within our grasp.

It will not take a miracle.


Back in the mid-nineties we had this chaplain in 3d Group who was a bit of a charismatic individual. He had actually attended the "Q" Course and earned his long tab + green beret as an 18- series officer; then he'd found Christ and became a chaplain. Everybody's got their own style and this was his; me I'm a believer and a follower of the Man from the Galilee but I always figured I represented Christendom more effectively as a doorkicker and a breacher, and nowadays as a private corporate soldier . . . but I digress . . .

ANYWAY one day downrange the chaplain came around and I asked him how come we don't see the kind of monumental events and miracles as are described in the Old Testament? He said, "I don't know, but I think we're going to start seeing them soon . . ."

Since he uttured those prophetic words we have seen the two tallest skyscrapers in New York attacked by jet airliner, burst into flames and be reduced to rubble with the space of less than two hours, and the mighty citadel Pentagon likewise attacked, its fortress-like walls breached.

We have seen the entire family of nations once referred to as Christendom rise up and go to war against a stateless Mohammedan enemy whose goal is the convert or kill every single one of us. The two great battlefields of this war include the land of the traditional Islamic caliphate, site of Babylon and the Garden of Eden, and the rock-strewn utterly worthless ancient Graveyard of Empires itself; Afghanistan.

And we have seen an army of illiterate fanatics render immobile the most powerful military in the history of the world, through the most primitive of tactics; roadside bombs and suicide vests.

To call it the Global War on Terror is a misstatement – because terror is not the enemy; terror is a tactic. Let’s call it what it is: the Global War of Fundamentalist Islam, for it is the Muslim fundamentalists who bring this war against anyone and everyone who does not share their brutal, repressive beliefs.

In the midst of this war by Islam on the west, the bastard son of an atheist mother and a Marxist father was elected President of the United States of America. Okay – nobody can choose their parents so let’s not fault him for that; let’s judge him instead by the company he keeps; he is the political protégé of America-hating terrorist Bill Ayers and the acolyte of America-hating, profanity spewing churchman Jeremiah Wright.

Let us judge him by his actions; the odd bowing at the waist to Eastern potentates, the endless apologies to foreign audiences for his country; endless partying, vacationing, golf and hobnobbing with celebrities and talk show hosts while serious work is left unattended and our allies are rudely snubbed.

Let us judge him by the name he has chosen for himself and the role he has assumed: Barack Hussein Obama, the face of the Third World Movement to punish the West for its past colonial transgressions and to bring America down to the level of “equal at the table of nations” – his own words.

To compound all this insanity, we have witnessed our incredible capitalist system – which has lifted countless millions out of lives of hopeless suffering and destitute poverty – brought to its knees by foolish Government-imposed lending practices; followed up by profligate spending resulting in crushing debt: SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

To me, these three events – the Global War of Fundamentalist Islam; the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, and the threat represented by sixteen trillion dollars in debt - are calamities of Biblical proportion. The first two are blows we can absorb and bounce back; it is the third that threatens to bring our nation down to the level of Turkey or Argentina, the former Soviet Union or Yugoslavia.

Imagine an America of the near future where one hundred dollars will only buy what one dollar buys today – and that is not a lot. Difficult? Try this instead; imagine the price you pay for a gallon of gasoline today to be the price of a liter – that’s what they pay in Europe; $16.00 a gallon.

Imagine 30% or more unemployment and all that entails; soup kitchens, breadlines, vagrants begging at your door for meals. Unimaginable? That was the America of the 1930s, and it could very well happen again.

Imagine an America militarily weak; aircraft carriers mothballed and moored in ghost fleets, nuclear submarines tied up in port to be used as auxiliary power plants for energy-starved cities, and our once mighty special operations and airborne forces unable to deploy due to the cost of aviation fuel and lack of airframes.

Unbelievable? Take a look at the once mighty Soviet Union.

It CAN and WILL happen here – unless we do something about it - tout de suite.

The Warrior Always Has a Plan

I was taught that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It’s easy to point fingers at problems, a lot harder to find answers and solutions. Well, here’s the STORMBRINGER solution:


I’m not talking those kind of fiscal sleight-of-hands Congress calls a budget cut; cuts in future increase. I’m talking an across-the-board cut in everything and NO increases; the civil servants will have to forego their annual bonuses and pay raises – they’re already making on the average 40% more than the private sector so somehow they’ll make do.

Anyone who has spent more than a day in the military or anywhere near the government infrastructure has witnessed the largesse they lavish upon themselves and the utter waste of time resources. I’m not only talking about the over-the-top conventions and junkets government bureaucrats find necessary; its everywhere. The rooms full of stationary supplies that are obsolete in the electronic era, the unnecessary refurbishing of office furniture and décor, buildings and facilities, the time-wasting by employees who can never be fired, fleets of vehicles replaced every two years or eighteen months while private sector companies make do with ten-year old trucks and company cars.

This government bureaucracy is the first one that needs to get the axe.

The list goes on and on; dumpsters full of perfectly good food outside of military mess halls, unnecessary travel, luxury hotel stays, on and on and on; all of it cleverly justified to elude charges of waste, fraud and abuse.

A ten percent cut in Federal spending will go a long way to reducing the debt, immediately - they would never miss it.


This should be a no-brainer. There is more coal in America than all the world combined. Furthermore, the price of oil has increased to the point where it is now profitable to extract oil from our sand- and shale-oil resources. It is estimated that there is more oil in North America than in Saudi Arabia, that in fact we are the Saudi Arabia of the future.

Construct petroleum refineries and pipelines, enough to provide an abundance of fuel supply to satisfy demand and in the process bring the price of gasoline back down to where it was four years ago: $1.40 a gallon.

“Drill, baby, drill!” - like my favorite politician likes to say.

Lift the offshore drilling moratoriums. What kind of crazy hypocrisy is it that we forbid ourselves from exploiting our own natural resources, and yet we donate funds to the Brazilians to exploit their offshore oil fields?

On top of this, we have uranium ore to be mined; nuclear power leads the way to the future while we figure out what to do with all those fossil fuel plants. To hell with windmills and bankrupt solar panel companies – let’s crack atoms, baby!

The energy infrastructure and related industries listed above represent the potential to lower unemployment back down to pre-Obama levels. Why are we not doing this?


This thing ran off the rails the minute we let NATO get involved and made it about nation building and not warfighting. Nation building cannot be imposed; a nation is led and developed by its own inherent leadership. To believe otherwise is a liberal Kumbaya pipedream.

Somewhere along the line the liberals handed the Arab Spring over to the Muslim Brotherhood, and now they own Egypt; the most populous Arab country, center of the greater Arab nation. Syria, the traditional center of the Arab culture, is on its way to ownership by the Muslim Brotherhood, and so is Iraq, site of the Ancient Caliphate.

What we need is more victory, less hanging our most vital asset – our young men & women in uniform – out to dry, trapped in a war of attrition and unable to maneuver.

Let us stop this stupid strategy of offering up our forces as easy targets.

The plan is this: announce to the Moslem world that we - and by 'we' I also include our allies; especially the Commonwealth countries - will no longer interfere in their affairs. This means an immediate withdrawal to pre-9/11 lines, and an immediate cutting of all foreign aid to all the Muslim countries that tolerate the violent repression of Christians, Jews and their own women. No more subsidizing of blowing up churches and forced conversions at gunpoint.

In other words, if they want to chop each other up into monkey meat, blow themselves to smithereens, and maim and enslave their own women, fine. We’re not going to let them do it to our people anymore.

Watch them squawk like a pack of scalded apes over that one.

Then, we ring their countries with our aircraft carriers, space-based weapons systems, and other strategic assets and wherever and whenever they feel their oats and get froggy, we shit all over them. That includes any moves to develop nukes in Iran, and any movement anywhere near the State of Israel; that place is hands off. The Holy Land is our foothold in the Middle East, it is as sacred to us as they claim it is to them, and any movement on or near Israeli territory will be met in kind.

Eye-for-an-eye – just like they wrote it into their own Code of Hammurabi five thousand years ago.

We can call it OPERATION PEACEMAKER – after the Colt revolver that tamed the West.

Of course, if the leadership of America wishes to avoid accusations of Imperial Rome-like decadence, then the leaders of America must lead by example. Figure the odds on the current crop occupying of the Oval Office doing any of the above. The Romney crew? Well, the first two are foreseeable. As for the third alternative I listed above; well, that would be a miracle of Biblical proportions.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it . . .



  1. Sorry, too much common sense. You are a no-go at this station.

  2. You obviously read "The Mote in God's Eye" by Niven & Pournelle. Barricade, and blow them away when they try to run the barricade.

  3. Like. No politician in a lifetime will support it. This is why you and I can never be elected to office. Too plain spoken for polite society,

  4. Absolutely love your plan.

    I'd go further. Look, in long term sense, we can't just cut SS and Medicare. We make it good for everyone 50 and older (not me, btw, so you know), but raise the retirement rate to 70 & 72 (start rate & full rate), and we MEANS TEST.

    All those below 50 - start saving now. And we make those accounts sacrosanct. No liens, no court can touch them (simply write in the legislation: Not subject to judicial review or dispensation).

    Up until 1983 (from memory) you could opt out of SS. A group in Galveston TX did - and from that point on, until recently all the liberals who spoke of it (if they didn't ignore it or bury the story) said it would be a disaster, and now those folks are retiring.

    Their AVERAGE employee retirement is 3x as much as what SS is paying, and that's the BASELINE lower employee's annuity. You can Google it yourself.

    So, yes, for about 20 years we'd continue to somewhat have a deficit, but after the current crop of SS folks shuffle off their mortal coil (and I do not say this in snark - we all eventually go into dust, me too)we have a self-sustaining retirement program that costs taxpayers EXACTLY NOTHING.

    Oh, and those 3x benefits I mentioned - that is AFTER the crash of 2008-2009. Yep, no joke.

    Also - we keep borrowing like there is no tomorrow - literraly. Last year, 2011, we paid 450 billion just on maintainence on the interest on the debt. This year should be about 500 billion. As we borrow, that number will continue to become a larger and larger portion of the budget - and WE HAVE to pay it - or we default, and then our currency is null and void.

    Hope I added to the discussion.

    Steven Sends. :)

  5. I can't find a thing you've written that I'd argue with.

    But in the cartoon, BO finally got it right! Whoever he's telepromptering to didn't build the cows. God Almighty did. The God he ignores, while claiming to believe in God's Son. The God his ex(?)-preacher damns. The God of Abraham, who Muhammad said he worshiped (IIRC).

  6. We think alike. I agree with everything you said. I'm going to pass your blog on to others and hopefully it will serve to keep some brains on track for the future. Keep fighting the good fight. A Judeo-Christian worldview + logical thought is powerful.