Thursday, September 13, 2012


. . . and it does not end well.

Mobs gather in the streets of Very Important Populous Middle Eastern nation

Democrat US President, viewed as week overseas, turns back on beleagured, long-time US ally; Benevolent Dictator of Very Important Populous Middle Eastern nation. Benevolent Dictator is run out of town on a rail, replaced by Charismatic Muslim Spiritual Leader.

Now (former) Benevolent Dictator falls dreadfully ill immediately following his fall from power. Meanwhile the mob continues to gather in the city squares and plazas, banging the drum, chanting - major theme of the day: America = Great Satan.

Every revolution needs it's pivotal moment. Think: Lexington & Concord, the Bastille, etc. The Islamic Revolution's trademark move is to march upon the US embassy and overrun the compound.

The US embassy in Cairo is a fortress; the mobs breached the outer walls and tore down the flag, but the main facility withstood the onslaught. I guarantee there were some tight sphincters in that building, and the few Marines in that place had on full battle-rattle.

The consulate in Benghazi is another story; a consulate is not an embassy. A consulate can be a hotel room. We all know what happened at the US consulate in Benghazi - what stands out as extraordinary is that this was not a mob of protesters; rather, this was a concerted military assault with heavy weapons. The ambassador was killed after his armored vehicle was hit with four RPG rockets, which indicates the sophistication of the assailants; they knew he was there, and they had a plan.

US embassy in Cairo overrun, American flag torn down, black banner of al Qaeda - our hated enemy - run up. US consulate in Benghazi attacked, burned to the ground, US ambassador and three others killed, their bodies dragged through the streets.

And the immediate response of the first Muslim President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama - was to issue an apology to the protesters.

All this on the anniversary of 9-11, no less.




  1. And yet again, Jimmy Carter walks with an ever brighter spring in his step, because every Democrat successor moves him higher up fom the bottom of the Presidential Lifetime Rating ranks.

    He's got be at 42nd, maybe even 40th overall...

    And things could still be worse.
    We could be looking at jihadi bungholes poking pocketknives into the charred skulls of Special Ops troops who died at some remote desert LZ trying to rescue our hostage diplomats.


  2. One question: why does every US president and government, regardless whether they are democrat or gop run, continue to business with the saudis? Saudis are the biggest financiers of global islamic terrorism. Now US is working to overthrow Al-Assad regime in Syria, if you succeed, guess who's going to take over in Syria? Not any kind of pro-western or pro-democratic movement. It'll be hardline sunni-islamists backed by the saudis.

  3. According to reports surfacing in the milblogs, the ambassador in Cairo forbid the Marine detail to carry live ammo. They might have looked bad ass, but those were empty mags hanging out of their M4's.