Sunday, September 9, 2012


Earlier this evening a text came across one of my comms channels: WHEN YOU PLANNING TO START WRITING STORMBRINGER AGAIN???

Sheesh - hate to break it to you heroes but I actually have a life outside of the email machine and the blogosphere, and that life is partly to blame for what happened.

Problem is I've moved up in life and nowadays my work involves a lot of time sitting in a chair - which I hate - but there is a serious management and admin aspect to what I do. At the same time I have to be ready to ride to the sound of the guns and what got me hurt was working out like I'm still in my thirties, without a proper warmup.

I was in a hurry Wednesday morning so I went down into the Jungle Room and just threw around the free weights like they were pick-up sticks - one of my parlor tricks is amazing feats of strength - then got cleaned up and drove in to the office.

I'm gonna lift and lift and lift and lift unitl I'm HUGE ! ! !

Around noon time I realized "Houston - we have a problem." I dealt with it. The next day I had some business to attend to, but it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere near the office. I limped on down to the ER as soon as I was able, and had the Butcher there do his good work.

We have a saying in Special Forces: "To cut is to cure."

That's what I went through on Thursday. Oh yes.

What got me here in the first place is what's taking me so long to bounce back; I ain't twenty years old anymore.

And that's what's taking me so long to heal - I ain't exactly a spring chicken.

I saw the Doc again today he said I'm healing fine.

I'm just laying up sorry and taking it easy. I'm really worried about next week - between some potentially lucrative business development and the ASIS convention it is going to be an EXTREMELY busy schedule - but now I think I'll be able to make it.

The Birds are updated, and I'm working on a 1,000 word post. Stand by to stand by.


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  1. Yeah it's hell when father time smacks us in the head and reminds us of that fact.

    Best wishes & hope you heal fast,