Monday, September 3, 2012



Join the only legitimate grassroots movement in contemporary America politics. Send in your photos to the email link at right and I'll post them here all day - S.L.

P.S. The guys over at Legal Insurrection already got ahead of me; they're calling it National Empty Chair Day. All I can say is they must have gotten started yesterday - S.L.

This first one's in from LC Ltc in Texas -

"Thanks" - S.L.

From Rick in Rochester -

"Thanks" - S.L.

From Mark the Feral Ferret -

"Thanks" - S.L.

This one's the best yet! From @Lo​ngtabsigo -

"Thanks" - S.L.

From Steve -

"Thanks" - S.L.

It'd be too much to ask for these guys to be flyin' over Charlotte right now . . .

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  1. Heh, I updated my post at H&B with LC LtC's pic and gave you a link back.

    I'm still laughing!