Sunday, September 9, 2012


It was in the Philippines, late Eighties, during what we sarcastically referred to as The Great Pinoy War. Strolling down a dark, dusty back road a comrade stated dryly to no one in particular, "Can you imagine dying in a place like this."

I said, "I don't mind dying in a place like this. What I don't want to do is die
FOR a place like this."

My buddy Superman & friend observing over 100 years of American military operations in the Republic of the Philippines

I maintain this sentiment to this day. Who knows what kind of stinking battlefield Thor and Odin choose for us to make our final stand? The problem with the current state of affairs in Afghanistan is we have successfully painted ourselves into a corner; since NATO stepped in we relinquished any kind of unity of command; a hostile human environment isolates our troops to firebases which may as well be tiny islands in a vast ocean; we no longer maneuver.

War-weary US numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths

It is time to completely rethink our strategy in this the Great Global War on Terror. The enemy has succeeded into turning this thing to his advantage; he has tied down our forces and forced us to commit blood and treasure for a goal which is as unattainable as it is unworthy: "Nation Building".

To Hell with Afghanistan - we have expended far too much blood & treasure over a worthless pile of rocks infested with the most vile people on the planet. Ten years of Soviet occupation, the subsequent civil wars and oppression of the Taliban and ten years of conflict against the might and fury of the West has left the traditional tribal system in tatters. All the people there live for is growing opium and killing; each other and anybody else, by whatever means necessary - to include sacrificing their own young in mindless suicide attacks.

There is no oil there, there is no longer any clear objective. Karzai is not an honorable ally; he is a savage warlord who won the draw of the straws when the Americans came to town, nothing more nothing less. His brother is a druglord and his soldiers slay ours in increasing green-on-blue hits. We need to decamp, withdraw to strategic castles from whence we can sally forth and slay the Saracen enemy at time & place of our choosing - not theirs.

It is time to abandon the folly of 'Nation Building' - one cannot carve out a nation for a people and hand it over - they must want to do it for themselves - and besides; we can no longer afford the luxury of such largess; the war in Afghanistan is being fought on borrowed money. As we fiddle about for a chunk of real estate that no longer has any strategic value whatsoever, the real strategic threat in the region is Iran.

Karzai will be deposed as has been the fate of every Afghan leader since the 1970s and before - he will be dragged through the streets by his heels. Sorry about that sh*t - we gave you ten years to sort things out with our assistance; now is time to make it on your own. Sink or swim, and the worthless inhabitants of that Godforsaken pile of rocks will resume feeding upon their young, worshipping dirt and sodomizing each other.

The place is not worth another single drop of blood of our honorable warriors.

It is fitting that I write this my 2,000th post since beginning this blog in April of 2009, on the eve of September 11th. This blog is dedicated to honoring veterans of the great nations of the English-speaking peoples; Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States AUSCANZUKUS



  1. Sadly, you are right. Enough of our people have paid the price. No reason for more.

  2. I have expresses similar comments for many years:

  3. We should pull all troops out, all help & let the Taliban have the place,then six months later just nuke it turn the shit heap and all in to dust and glass.

  4. The Ghan is, and always will be a s**t hole.

    When the glorious British Empire lost a couple of armies there, what is often unconsidered is that these armies were mainly composed of British citizens, yes, but only 3% of them were from Britain.

    Today, we have massive Western-sponsored corruption and absolutely nothing in return.

    If the French in Algeria had been given similar assistance in the name of Western civilisation the place would still be theirs. The Ghan and the Ghans are fundamentally worthless.

    Why is this so hard to understand?

    Yes, as long as there is a flow of billions into their "economy" then we can occupy the place indefinitely for at most a few hundred deaths a year. But to what point and purpose?

  5. i must agree, why waste our soldiers lives for a people who dont even want to fight for there freedom. just let them beat themselves to death