Sunday, September 29, 2013


Living in Hell - S.L.

Family emergency at 0500 yesterday had me driving halfway across the state to recover Offspring #2 from ER . . . oxygen sucked out of room for rest of day dealing with THAT situation . . . today Wifee has a laundry list of honey-do's longer than a non-Euclidean equation mapping the Universe in five dimensions . . . in the meantime if I don't cut the grass, pop the weeds, re-plant the trees, wash the cars around here NOBODY does . . . I have to cut the wood, router it and sand it for stands for her pottery pieces . . . little itty-bitty Oriental woman can't operate the cross-cut saw, can't even READ the calibrations on the measuring surfaces, never mind the router . . . NEVER MIND time for me to work out . . . and I can't make her go out, get a haircut & bring me it back to me . . . last time I wrote was a paragraph last weekend . . . now you know why STORMBRINGER is suffering never mind the novel . . .

In the meantime here's some interesting material from around the web:

Shabaab Plot to Attack London Planned to be 'Similar to ... Mumbai' In light of the citizen heroes who performed heroic rescues last week in Nairobi, its long overdue for UK to re-think private gun ownership and concealed carry laws.

CIA’s Deadly Cultural Ignorance Fear of officers "going native" keeps our intelligence agencies ill-informed about Somalia, Syria, and other hotspots

Obama's Weakness is Enabling Russia's Mideast Rise If the Kerry-Lavrov deal was such a good idea, why didn’t anyone try it a year ago?

After Told He's Racist, Univ Wisconsin-Madison Student Rejects Further Diversity ‘Training’ What’s more... "How to Support Transgender Students" is something he cannot support, as it runs in direct contradiction to his religious beliefs.

Worse Is the New Normal "Obamacare is something new in American life: the creation of a massive bureaucracy charged with downsizing you — to a world of fewer doctors, higher premiums, lousier care, more debt, fewer jobs, smaller houses, smaller cars, smaller, fewer, less; a world where worse is the new normal. - Mark Steyn

I'll be posting intermittantly, whenever they let me up from the oar deck . . .



  1. Welcome o the world of "Everybody else's priorities"! Take a deep breath and attack it like the man that you are!!!!


  2. Sorry 'bout your kid, hope all is well.

    That's not whining. It's just a comprehensive assessment. Seems like you need some range time; a little work with, uh, energetic materials usually clears my head. The chores will wait. Maybe some of 'em will just go away. I used to put them on a list and then hide the list. Unfortunately the Brocker found the list. And she added to it to teach me a lesson. My perimeter is secure and the roof's still on the house, what more does she want?