Sunday, September 8, 2013


I get letters . . . you wouldn't believe some of the letters I get - S.L.

Hope you are having a good weekend. Seems like the “good weekends” are fewer and farther apart these days. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see your site and have a sense of consistency about your posts. Viewing your consistently good pieces of information; has a calming effect on this turbid psyche. I’ve thought that our world would be better off if you would be Sec. of State or Sec. of Defense. Is there a way we could petition to make that happen?

Madison, WI (home of beer, brats and broad women)

Thanks Steve - what you propose would be a great honor, the only problem is I can't see either a Republican or Democrat administration hiring a snake-flag waving Nietzche-quoting pistol-toting professional soldier like me as a cabinet secretary - never mind the fact that I already hold clearances to that level. Still, its a nice complement and I thank you . . .

Cheers, S.L.

Where I fit in.

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Subject: BLINK

An excellence analysis. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Alan Caruba

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Subject: Tamar / Tia Tephi, Jewish Princess, and Queen of Ireland

In a nut shell:
There was one little Jewish princess by the name of Tia Tephi who was able to escape, due to help from an Old Prophet by the name of Jeremiah. While portraying himself to be her grandfather, Jeremiah escaped the fallen city of Jerusalem and took Tia Tephi to Egypt, where they then boarded a ship to head towards ancient Ireland. When Tia Tephi escaped from Jerusalem, she carried in her own person the blood line of the throne of King David with her.

Later in Ireland, a royal wedding was arranged between Herman, who was heir to the throne of Ireland, and Princess Tia Tephi, the princess from Jerusalem. They married, and she became the Queen of Ireland, and produced a family. The royal throne of King David at this point, had then successfully traveled from Jerusalem to Ireland. Later on the royal throne of King David went to Scotland, and then on to England, where it remains to this day.


Thanks Ann - The only problem with this account is that there was never a "King of Ireland" - there were instead FOUR Kingdoms: Ulster, Munster, Connacht (O'Conor dynasty), Leinster (Uí Cheinnselaig), there was a fifth Kingdom Mide (later absorbed into Leinster with parts going to Ulster). My people are from Connacht.

Anyway I see your Irish Princess and raise you an America King:

"I am an American and the only king I bow down to is Elvis."

On 36th Anniv of Elvis Presley’s Death, The Final Word on Whether He Was Jewish

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Subject: Dear StormBringer

Listen here Good Looking, I will screw anybody, anytime, anywhere, their place, my place, in the car, front door, back door, on the ground, standing up, sitting down, naked or with clothes on . . . it doesn't matter to me. I just love it.

Sincerely, Jessica

Thanks for the warning Jessica! and SORRY - I don't do lawyers! -S.L.

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Pretty hard to follow up on THAT but this next one comes close:

Subject: Egyptian Media Prortays Obama as Satan

Dear StormBringer,
I have been holding out for a pic of his forked tongue and tail myself.

But this will do for now . . . Papa Ray

Hey, Ray - Thanks for this . . . I think . . . it's in the queue . . . -S.L.

* * *

What have we learned? That a Jewish Princess became the Queen of Ireland . . . heh, heh . . . there's a joke in there somewhere . . . talk about winning the booby prize in all directions!



  1. Obama has Satan is my picture, did it for Freaking News. Hobbit90

  2. Dear StormBringer, not wanting to contradict you but Ireland did have a high king at tara, separate to the provincial kings, the most famous being Brian Boru 941 – 23 April 1014 who was killed defeating the vikings in the Battle of Clontarf, so the princess story could have some thing to it