Saturday, September 21, 2013


An Explanation of American Exceptionalism for Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama
Its pretty disgraceful when the President of Russia invokes God Almighty and the Declaration of Independence in a lecture to the President of the United States - in the New York Times no less - and there is no outrage, no hue & cry in the American media.

I Have My Way With B. Hussein Obama . . . and He Will Do Nothing About It.

Obama’s Inconvenient Truth: Arm Terrorists, Disarm Americans

Finally a Celeb Gets It Right: Shaquille O'Neal's Message for Barack Obama
We go to the Circus to see the Dancing Bear. When the Bear stops dancing, gets up on a soapbox and starts preaching politics, its like, "Hey Bear, shut up and dance!"

Asymmetrical Warfare As Waged by Young Blacks on White America . . .

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