Saturday, September 7, 2013


I strongly urge you to watch this presentation. A group of ordinary guys - working class, tradesmen, sheriffs & police, veterans - sick of being lied to and shut out of the process by their elected representatives on significant issues, decided to do something about it - S.L.

Colorado Gun Law Recall: Your Voice, Your Vote, Our Freedoms

Colorado’s historic recall vote will have repercussions felt nationwide, but the citizens instrumental in making this election happen will tell you it’s not just about gun laws — it’s about constituents being heard and not being shut out of the legislative process.

Even if you don't live in Colorado, this applies across the country. Liberals refuse to even engage in debate in the marketplace of ideas - instead they engage in tactics to obfuscate the issue, or whenever possible they simply shut us out. It will be interesting to watch how this all comes out in the wash on September 10th



  1. Howdy,
    Hope you are having a good weekend. Seems like the “good weekends” are fewer and farther apart these days. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see your site and have a sense of consistency about your posts. Viewing your consistently good pieces of information; has a calming effect on this turbid psyche. I’ve thought that our world would be better off if you would be Sec. of State or Sec. of Defense. Is there a way we could petition to make that happen?

    Madison, WI
    (home of beer, brats and broad women)

  2. Good luck on the recall election vote Colorado! Do not let those anti-constitution scum bags win.

  3. Would that it were that simple, TurkeyBurgers. IF the vote stays with those of us who have lived in state Senate District 11; I think we WILL win. Problems is; the last of the obscene laws Morse & Co. pushed through is "Same Day Voter Registration" where all one need do is "declare an intent" to move into the District. "Ripe for Voter Fraud", you say? Yup.
    I'm really praying that we do win this one; if not, then it looks as though the Ballot Box is compromised and the only box we'll have left is the Cartidge Box.
    Standing By on Election Day
    Boat Guy