Wednesday, September 18, 2013


OK Team - this is the deal: if I was running operations on a national level, this is how it things would go. It might be rough getting there, but like my favorite dictator Benito Mussolini said:

"You've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette."

1) A ten percent across-the-board cut in the Federal budget - to include the Defense budget.

I'm not talking a ten-percent cut in the future increase of the budget, which is what they do every time they say they cut the budget. I'm talking a REAL ten percent cut in the existing budget - and NO INCREASE.

They would never miss it. There is so much fraud, waste & abuse in government organizations, all they'd have to do is cut back on office supplies (warehouses full of the stuff they never use) and they'd never use it. That, and maybe cut back on a few of those junkets they have all the time.

This is what happens in government organizations every September - they tell all their people to put in their orders and spend all their money before the new fiscal year in October, because if they have any left over, they will be cut that amount out of the next fiscal year. So there's this wild spending spree for stuff they have no need for what little amount of time of the day they work anyway, and the beat goes on . . .

2) Cut Taxes

Cut taxes across the board. The top Federal Income Tax rate will be set at 30% for the top 30% levels of income, 20% for the middle 30% of earners, and 10% for the the bottom 30%. This is all before deductions - nobody pays nothing, everybody pays something, but most people will pay a lot less than what they're paying now.

Cut taxes, and watch the economy SOAR!

3) Drill, Baby, Drill

Go hog wild all out drilling for oil in the ANWAR, open up the Keystone Pipeline, lift any and all moratoriums on offshore drilling, frack the hell out of the shale or whatever it is, dig up all the oil sands and extract the oil anywhere and everywhere. Forget about corn and ethanol - what a waste of energy; it takes two gallons of diesel fuel to make a gallon of ethanol AND yours and my tax dollars to boot - put that diesel to good use in the engines & machines it takes to dig up all the coal underneath that National Wilderness Area Clinton established right over the world's largest seam of the purest quality of coal in the world. Use all the tax money off all this commercial activity to build at least four new refineries - one up by Detroit, one in Pennsylvania, one down by Texas and one over in California.

If we did this we would be energy independent in less than five years.

4) Eliminate the Department of Energy and the Department of Education

The Department of Energy doesn't make a single watt of energy, and the Department of Education educates nobody. In fact, since we started both these Carter Administration fiascos, the price of energy has continually risen and the quality of American education has gone steadily downhill. They are the epitome of worthless government bureaucracies that cost you and me and our children all the way out to their children's children a lot of money. Get rid of them.

5) Make government employees merit-based, just like private employment

If I was in charge, the days of government employment-for-life to a cushy retirement would be a distant memory. You produce results or you're gone just like in the real world and we think long and hard about getting rid of your position permanently before we authorize a replacement.

Oh yeah, and no unions for public employees, either. Unions for what? To negotiate against 'We The People'? Even FDR was against that. You want to be a union member, go out there into the cold cruel world and get a real job and join a union that way.

Exception to my brothers in law enforcement and emergency services - their professions are unique, the work is incredibly challenging and they need all the help they can get. That is different.

6) Sell NASA

The time for the absolute commercialization of space is long overdue. Columbus made it to the New World under government sponsorship, but the operation went commercial in very short order and was an overwhelming success, from a free enterprise point-of-view. Sell NASA and all its facilities to private, commercial space launch enterprises. If there's anything out there worth overcoming gravity to get our hands on, they're find it, mine it and bring it back to Earth to cut it up into mood rings or pet rocks or whatever.

We don't even DO this anymore so we might as well break up what we have left and sell it all for parts.

7) Welfare Reform

Welfare is for those who REALLY need it - in other words, you need to be missing body parts to qualify. If you're able to work, we will give you a shovel and you can go to work digging up all that coal or fixing the roads in and out of the oil fields.

To qualify for Welfare or food stamps you need to be a US citizen so all you illegals need not apply, and you need to pass a drug test. I expect to wipe at least ninety percent off the roles in short order.

8) Voter ID

In order to eliminate even the question of voter fraud, Voter ID will be mandatory. But not everyone can vote; criminals cannot vote, neither can non-citizens or dead people. In fact, in order to qualify to vote, you have to be of age, be a taxpayer and own land. OK - but what about urban professionals who are productive members of society but do not vote? Well, if they own stock in companies, they own real estate by proxy - they qualify. You have to have some skin in the game to be able to vote - that's only fair.

9) Illegal Aliens

You walk across our borders and this is how it works: we give you an ID card - its an electronic ID card that you have to swipe just like when you buy stuff at the store. We know where you are and what you are doing, and we tax you. You get five years in the US to make your pile then you're out of here. No overstaying because you can't work without that card, and no anchor babies. Any babies you make while you are here go with you. They are not US citizens by accident of geography. We won't even have to amend the Constitution; 'Natural born Americans' as far as I'm concerned includes Canadians and Mexicans - they are part of North America - for that matter anybody born anywhere in THE Americas - North, South, Central or the Caribbean - is some kind of American. That is not the same thing as US citizen.

Only possible exception is if you agree to six years in the military. I will enjoy establishing the American equivalent of the Foreign Legion and you can earn your citizenship the same way I earned mine - the Ancient Roman way.

10) Equal Opportunity

If you say you're black, we'll run a DNA test on you and if you have a single drop of white blood in you, then you're not black. If you say you're white, we'll do the same and if you have a single drop of black blood in you, then you're not white. Likewise for the Orientals, Hispanics, Arabs, everybody.

In other words, no more racial quotas, equal opportunity, playing the race card, nothing. Everybody is equal and everything will be merit-based, just like in professional sports and the entertainment industry - two areas that minorities excel in, oddly enough.

11) The Death Penalty

If I become President there won't be a Death Row there will be a Death Week. And to hell with that pussyfied 'lethal injection' crap. You heard of the electric chair? Well, I'd like to introduce the world to the ELECTRIC BLEACHERS.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be my Attorney General so you know this will get done in short order.

But just to prove that I'm not entirely heartless, there will be a comprehensive parole plan - criminals not on Death Row will be kept in large encampments surrounded by triple zones of electrified chainlink fence topped with bands of razor wire, located within the impact areas of large US military bases surrounded by batteries of howitzers of all caliber. If the criminals survive a thousand barrages of artillery fire with some A-10 Warthogs to work them over and some B-52 arc light strikes thrown in for good measure, they will be considered "cured" and they can go out into society. If they fuck up a second time, they are incurable - criminally insane - and so it's the electric bleachers for them.

12) Gun Control

My proposal is to arm the Citizenry: make firearms training & possession mandatory for all law-abiding males 16-65 i.e. the original definition of "militia" - OK in this day & age we can include the females. Everyone knows the female of the species is more deadly than the male, especially when defending their young. Allow teachers to carry in schools, and everybody else to carry all over the place ESPECIALLY on planes and in airports.

The sidearm will become the badge of a law abiding citizen, and mass shootings will become an extinct phenomenon of the past.

13) Gay Marriage

The State endorses and encourages the institution of marriage for a reason; to ensure the next generation. We need kids, and kids need a mom and a dad - that is the best and most successful way of raising happy and healthy children - and so we should encourage this as much as possible. There is no "gay" DNA, for all we know gay is a kink and as far as transgenders go, getting an lop-a-dicktomy doesn't make a man into a woman - he still has a prostate gland and he sure as hell doesn't have uterus. Lets face it, the only reason gays want to get married is to beat the tax man and that goes right back to the State endorses and encourages the institution of marriage to ensure the next generation. When two men can get together or two women can get together and make a baby, I will be for gay marriage.

If we did only half of the above, this country would be in ten times better shape than what it is now. Just by doing the first three on the list, we will be able to pay off the National Debt in about ten years. That's my story and I'm sticking to it . . .



  1. I'm in. We will need boots on the ground and steel in hand to make it happen. Oh, and lamp posts for the reluctant ones.

  2. After the bull crap I had to endure in my Political science class last night, this rant has made my fn week. Stormbringer, you have my vote.

  3. I'm in...Let's not forget the EPA.

  4. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow...I'm gonna read one proposal each hour today....and just savor the sensibility of your proposals. These proposals are to be slowly savored and not rushed.
    I have always said (to whomever will listen) that a 10 percent cut across the board for the gubernmit should be the first thing to happen....THEY would never even know it was gone!

  5. You have my vote and you can gladly see my ID! RLTW!

  6. Works for me; but in addition to the EPA, you need to eliminate HHS, IRS and most of the rest. All you really need at the Federal level is Depts of WAR, State (some serious housecleaning needed there), Bureau of standards (weight and measure), Patent Office and one or two others.
    As for Gov Droids being "Merit Based" Rumsfeld did that in DoD; which of course got put paid as soon as the regime came in. Which leads me to another abolition - NO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE UNIONS.
    Boat Guy

  7. If you throw in getting rid of the federal reserve and go back to sound money you would have my vote...

  8. GMTA.

  9. #2-cut taxes. Amen brother!!! Shoo,t if my taxes went down to 20%; I would be able to throw some extra money at my mortgage or get a new truck or my wife could find some other bauble to purchase. Lower taxes equals more money INTO the economy. Sounds so easy even a democrat should be able to understand THAT!!!

  10. #5- "Exception to my brothers in law enforcement and emergency services - their professions are unique, the work is incredibly challenging".. um, NO. There are about 800,000 leos versus about 27,000 air traffic controllers, to use just one example. Which job do you think is the more unique, difficult and challenging of the two. I think NO exceptions to the ban on public employee unions.