Thursday, September 12, 2013


This is stunning - what we are watching is at best amateurism at worst criminal negligence on an international scale - S.L.

This is what happens when you draw a line in the sand, your opponent crosses it and you back up and draw another line. This is what happens when you brandish a weapon with no intent of using it. The United States has never looked so weak, not even in the darkest days of the Iran Hostage Crisis.

This Administration is absolutely disgraceful.



  1. Nope - it is NOT criminal 'negligence' - it is willful criminal intent. And it is not 'disgraceful' - that implies that the conduct was somehow uninformed or embarrassing, this was done with malice beforehand.

    OTB MCPO sebds

  2. This should brighten your day:

    Seems the S.S. Hopey Dopey is taking on some serious water.

  3. heh, heh, okay, how do you get the middle easts attention, and when the neighbors are feuding. You make a big noise. To me it looks like intent. our paid troops in Syria, call them rebels or al ciada, don't like their hideout. The boss of the country was winning, so they need help, I believe we are doing a favor for Russia,,, er APutin. Private talks several days ago. So we push the button for putin, who talks to assad, who says to them now, come look, it wasn't our shit. Some one planted it here. I don't think even hillery could pull out a win if the dems started one on a lie, I know repub did.