Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A friend who is also a Brother is feeling blue . . . the kind of "self-doubt" introspection that plagues higher intellect type-A personalities like ourselves. He reached out to me for counsel, so I shared with him some philosophy that has served me through the ups and downs of my life & career. I share this with you now - S.L.

The world depends on people like you and me - we really do make the world go around - so there is no reason NOT to maintain a positive attitude! "Nil illegitimi carborundum" means "Don't let the bastards grind you down"!

People can smell fear and weakness! Do not take counsel of your fears, and never show weakness! Go about your endeavors knowing you will prevail, knowing the only difference between success and failure is a lot of hard work and conscious decision to be a winner versus a loser.

Fear and anxiety are a natural part of Life! Prior to entering battle, the Ancient Greeks contemplated the God of Fear - Phobos - knowing they would experience fear - to help them prevail in battle despite this natural emotion.

We all have our ups and downs - it is understandable that we become frustrated due to setbacks, illnesses or injuries, and anxiety is a result. Put up with the struggle. No one said Life was easy! Exercise helps a great deal - do something physical at least everyday, such as golf, or the gym. If exercise is difficult due to schedule or physical condition, then walk - it is the best exercise short of swimming - at least thirty minutes a day. The best kind of walk is walking with your dogs.

Keep in touch with your circles of friendship. Learn who the decision makers and the power brokers are in your organization and establish open lines of communication with them. Touch bases, early and often.

Our line of work (soldiering - intelligence - security consulting) is difficult on a marriage. Our families are important to us; they are the even keel in the stormy seas that we sail. Take as good care of your families as you would your weapons and equipment - they are as important to you as your rifle, rucksack and radio. More so, actually.

There are foods supplements that are good for mental acuity, memory and emotional stability. Learn what they are and take them every day.

You are an asset to any organization worth being a part of - keep doing what you're doing, communicate in all directions and keep your Higher informed of all key phases of every operation.

Find your champions within your organization – let them know your value, what you bring to the table and how your efforts assist them in their endeavors. They will communicate your value to the Big Dogs.




  1. Thanks, I needed to read this today.

  2. You will never understand how much I needed to read this today. To say it has been a rough 3 weeks would be putting it mildly.

    I will be printing this out as a gentle reminder this week. These are the same things my Dad used to say. It is really good to hear them again today. Thank you.

  3. Another thanks for posting this today. Sure needed it in dealing with Florida's new computer system which is bogged down and gives no proper answers. Still need to talk with humans but they are hiding behind the phone system. Anyway thanks again for the pep talk (and the Birds)

  4. I will second the above comments. The timing in posting the advice was needed medicine this morning. This is definitely something to reaffirm with ourselves on a regular basis until it becomes engrained.

    Also, by way a separate comment on the pine cones. I was not aware of the symbolism initially, but now have a better appreciation after doing some research. So... thanks for that also Sir.