Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This came across the email machine, and this is what I said about it - S.L.

Eyewitness account claims police first remove baby from car then proceed with public street execution.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the Capitol and Whitehouse being surrounded by a phalanx of heavily armed Federal cops & security personnel. I HOPE they've got that place wired tight and I'm GLAD they wasted the stupid bitch. I'd be more concerned - a LOT more concerned - if they DIDN'T shoot her. What kind of signal would that send to the Terrorist enemy? That our people hesitate? To Hell with that. For all we know, we were being probed, to test our defenses, and our guys passed the audition with flying colors.

The guys around the Capitol dealing with the situation weren't thinking of that - they were reacting to their training, which is more intensive than any video gamester can possibly imagine - and they were looking around for companion vehicles, considering this might be the decoy, and also sweating bullets that this car contained a massive bomb. The guys that pulled the trigger on this poor unfortunate woman left her child an orphan and I guarantee you that is on their minds & their consciences. Any suggestion they performed an impromptu execution is an insult to my brothers and sisters in Federal Law Enforcement that protect our President and Congress and National Monuments lining the National Mall.

As far as the woman's testimony in the video goes - everybody knows eyewitness testimony is the least reliable. For all we know this is leftist propaganda. Whatever happened was caught on security cameras and the shooters are going through an extremely intensive post-incident investigation, I can assure you. If there was anything out of line regarding Federal Law Enforcement's conduct, an army of lawyers will sort it out. Put this down as a good training opportunity and as tragic the situation was I'm grateful the outcome wasn't half as bad as it could have been.



  1. was she or was she NOT an islam? The people want TO know.
    Was she an illegal invading alien or not? The people want to know.
    And again why was she black? The people want to know.
    Where is any of this in the "news"?

  2. I wonder if they will send her family a bill for the bullet(s)?

  3. I don't know why all the fuss. They were just following orders.

  4. But I'm figuring, when all the smoke clears, they wiped out a tourist.

  5. All the cops, park rangers, DHS brownshirts, any of the armed goons working for the government will shrug and use the Nuremburg Defense: "We were just following orders".

  6. I am with you on this one S.L. I am not sure if some are attempting to be funny or serious. There are just some places if you attempt to gain unauthorized access to you should expect a bullet.

    Chasmatic your an idiot. "We were just following orders" is only an issue if the orders were illegal. I do not care who the President is they have sworn to protect whoever was elected to that office. People like you make the rest of us on the right look like nuts, when in fact you are the only nut. S.L. sanction me if I was to harsh on our little friend but I had to say something. People like this make me sick!

  7. 3rd man, I don't like being talked to that way, but you have a right to your opinions. No sense getting into a pissing contest about it. The woman got into the wrong place at the wrong time and got shot. Better that then if some terrorists blowed things up and killed people.

    I got sidetracked by the shutdown and its effects on folks. It is hard to accept the WWII and Viet Nam vets getting arrested when they cross the line to visit their memorials. It is also hard to accept the National Mall being closed to us citizens but being open to illegal aliens holding a rally.

    Good soldiers obey orders. I did when I was in, 1966-68. But what will we do when the orders go wrong? How will we know and what will we do about it? Any information you can offer would shed some light on it for me.

    1. chasmatic,
      All the cops, park rangers, DHS brownshirts, any of the armed goons working for the government will shrug and use the Nuremburg Defense: "We were just following orders".

      You shell this disrespect out to people you have no idea about and you are hurt by what I said. Hmm! There are a lot of good people who serve and for you to call them all goons and brownshirts is sickening. My dad served in Nam and was called a babykiller and spat on when he returned. Did you serve in Nam and if so how did you feel about people calling you that? I think you are bitter and need to do some soul searching. As for your question at the end, If you have no moral compass than I can not help you with deciding what is right or wrong. But fear not there are still more of us than not in LE and the military that know the difference.

  8. chasmatic, if you don't know by now what you will do, you never will. We were taught that it is legitimate to disobey a unlawful order. If they disregard their oath to the Constitution, they are following illegal orders are should be dealt with appropriately.

  9. Robert, I do know what to do. I am familiar with the oath I took. I have also visited sites like Oathkeepers. Seems to me it depends on the chain of command. Higher up an order might be found acceptable (with future political considerations in mind). As we move down the chain more questions might be asked.

    I look at what happened during the Katrina operations. Where did the questions come up when the NG troops went door to door confiscating firearms?

  10. Robert and 3rd man, your loyalty and bravery and valor are not being challenged. Neither is mine. I served our nation obediently and bravely, got the honorable discharge. I didn't eat snakes or jump out of trees garroting bad guys with barbed wire, shrug, we served in different ways.

    The point I brought up looks at how honorable loyal obedient capable soldiers (or LE) can be bent to the will of an immoral chain of command that willfully disregards the Constitution. Everybody looks at the Oath soldiers take "I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." But the part about defending the Constitution is glossed over and the obedience to the POTUS etc is highlighted.

    So National Guard soldiers in Katrina kicked down doors and confiscated firearms. They were obeying the orders of their superiors. Guns walked across the borders and nobody said "hey, this ain't right". They just did what their superiors told them to do. Benghazi and some other military ops went down and nobody stood up and said "uh uh, not good, guys will get killed" Even the good loyal brave soldiers of Germany in WWII fought the good fight. Got their feet froze off in Russia or brewed up in a Panzer in Africa, obeyed orders just fine. Nobody stopped to ask, "we're fighting, doing this stuff for a leader that shoves people into ovens, don't seem right". Our current POTUS is straying from the path of moral and legal and honorable action and I do not see anybody standing up to it.

    You mention a Moral compass. I am guided by the Three Great Lights. On the Level, by the Plumb, and on the Square. I know what I would do under circumstances as mentioned above. Let me ask you, since you claim you know what to do, what would you do?

    1. I have never been given an unlawful order, nor would I enforce one. With that said just because someone disagrees with a law or order does not make it an illegal order or law. Unlike places like Nazi Germany we have checks and balances to prevent one arm of the government from becoming dominant over the other two.

    2. Yes, I thought as much about you. Unfortunately there are soldiers all along the CoC that do not play by the rules. I have lost faith in our POTUS and his crew, and I think the checks and balances are weakening. It's almost, our flag is unravelling a bit and that makes me sad. Now more than ever we need to exercise due diligence. We can't let our country slip away from us. Be well.