Sunday, October 6, 2013


Late-Seventies One-Hit Wonder and Un-credentialed Science Guy Informs World Ends by 2030

Its hard to imagine even Liberals taking this guy serious.

My questions regarding this Geldorf idiot: A) what qualifies him as a climatologist? and B) when did the Boomtown Rat get knighted, and for what? He obviously run out of original ideas a long time ago. The world-is-coming-to-an-end goes at least as far back as the infamous Simon–Ehrlich wager

In 1968, Ehrlich published The Population Bomb, which argued that mankind was facing a demographic catastrophe with the rate of population growth quickly outstripping growth in the supply of food and resources. Simon was highly skeptical of such claims, so proposed a wager, telling Ehrlich to select any raw material he wanted and select "any date more than a year away," and Simon would bet that the commodity's price on that date would be lower than what it was at the time of the wager. Ehrlich chose five commodity metals: copper, chromium, nickel, tin, and tungsten, and Simon bet that their prices would decrease, while Ehrlich bet they would increase. Ehrlich lost the bet, as all five commodities that were bet on declined in price from 1980 through 1990, the wager period.

Soylent Green: Life in New York City smog, 2020

The dystopian future theme splashed over to Hollywood in the incredible 70s science fiction hit Soylent Green. Ted Danson is another actor-turned-self-taught scientist; I remember watching him on TV in the eighties lecturing us that the combined effects of pollution, overpopulation, over-harvesting of the rain forests, and a hot climate due to the greenhouse effect were killing the oceans, which would in fact be dead by the year 2000.

Of course let us not forget the most successful of the non-Science Science Doom-sayers, former-next-President-of-the-United-States Al Gore, who claimed in 2006 we have less than ten years until the world cooks. There's an 'Al Gore Doomsday Clock' on Rush Limbaugh's site right hand side near the bottom - at time of this writing we're down to 112 days, 15 hours, minutes & seconds ticking away until we're consumed by a giant ball of fire. Or whatever. Haven't heard much from Al Gore since he sold his media operation to a bunch of fossil-fuel producing oil sheiks and the Arctic ice cap increased 65% in area in the space of a single summer.

Does anyone else see the irony of these Darlings of the Left taking up the role that was once exclusive to street-corner preachers?

We go to the Circus to see the Dancing Bear. When the Bear stops dancing, climbs up on a soapbox and starts preaching politics, it's like this: "Hey, Bear! Shut up and dance!"



  1. Follow the money. Guys like Geldork and Dancin' and Gore have lotsa money to begin with. Their "carbon footprint" is bigger than a lot of small cities. They make more as consultants or spokesmen at so-called summits.

    Green energy companies received huge sums of subsidy money from DC. All the backers and pork contractors grabbed what cash they could and got out after the startup phase, leaving raped hulls of installations and workers going WTF?. Equipment laying fallow in the fields.

    It is all about the money and power.

  2. Hmmph - money & power. I have seen 3 religious wars up close & personal: the 1st Intifada, the Irish Troubles, and the Bosnian War. All three had nothing do do with religion, everything to do with money & power.

  3. I am glad that has been finely settled.
    It's Miller Time.