Sunday, October 27, 2013


Went out to the mall today with the wife & kids. Mission: I'm seriously in need of some new threads, business casual. we came home empty handed from a shopping expedition to three stores in a large mall and another location. From here on out I guess I'm getting my clothing from military surplus stores, Cabela's and Tractor Supply . . . S.L.

Can anyone out there who understands fashion explain to me when did men's style's become so ghastly?

Something somewhere went seriously wrong with this society.

I feel sorry for the young men of this society, I honestly do. They must be confused ten million times worse than we were in the post-Vietnam trainwreck that was the 1970s. The only male role models that exude any kind of proper masculine traits exist in the Marvel Comics-inspired series of movies, and those are entirely science fiction and fantasy.

The tablecloth look is big for shirts. I wouldn't want to be seen in something like this at my own funeral.

Next time you watch the network news - if you can hold back the nausea long enough - look at what the anchors are wearing. Pinstripes have been big for a couple of years now, and they're wearing these god-awful striped ties in combo with them. Let me tell you how it is: pinstripes make you look like a mafioso, or worse, a mafia lawyer, and striped ties are ridiculous on anyone other than an English school kid. Wearing the two together is a crime against humanity, in my book.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Pinstripe suits with striped ties? Are people THAT DENSE?

The men's clothing I saw available out there in the shopping malls made me want to puke. I honestly believe that this is an indicator of the successful emasculation of this society by the feminist-driven Liberal machine.

Bottom line: We are in the midst of a global war against an insidious enemy whose stated goals are to kill each and every one of us - possibly sparing our women and children to keep as breeders and slaves. The lack of male role models in the media and the popular culture makes me wonder who will serve as this society's guardians and heroes? It's almost as if we deserve to lose this war.



  1. ...and they wonder why I like being alone. Because I don't want, no, correction; I don't NEED a man who is prettier than me. (And that's just one example). I could go on forever why I respect so few members of the opposite sex...

    - Viking Mia

  2. Get on the net ASAP. There is a specialist trade in bespoke suits made to order, IIRC out of Hong Kong. Fast, seriously good quality, and they back-and-forth ship for fitting. Lots of measuring at your end as I understand it, but good work.

    Mk50 of Brisbane

  3. All you need to add to those models is backwards baseball caps.
    The Metro-look, for lack of a better term, is the new equivalent of the 70's poly look.
    Try Van Heusen stores for more masculine shirts. While they do have lots of the Metro pastels, there are still plenty of good styles and colors available.
    I do like tractor supply for some items but their shirts always seem to have sleeves that are too short.
    Good luck in your search.
    Lazarus Long

  4. First law: nothing from a fashion spread is EVER seen at work - with the possible exception of "Men's Warehouse". The best thing about being a dude is that fashion is timeless. You can't go wrong with a dark suit and single, solid color dress shirt, unless you're trying to look like a fashion show refugee.

    I'm an engineer, so the modern standard outfit is a polo shirt and khakis (Dockers). Even the CEO ditches the tie and wears casual shirts and pants when he visits. I hate polo shirts and wear solid color, broadcloth dress shirts with button down collars. Instead of plain Dockers, I wear cargo pants. Other industries will vary. Don't think you can avoid a suit and tie if you're in S&M (sales and marketing).

  5. It is a war on all Alpha Males, it all began with the zero tolerance in schools that prevent your boys from defending themselves. It is the wussyfication of America. They want us all to be Metro Males/ Beta Males like Gore below.





  8. Ha. Better go read Fred Reeds latest post-"Valentines".

    Or the incomparable Kim DuToit on "The pussification of the western male", an epic rant.

  9. Has anybody got Kim's pages in digital form anywhere? I've lost many of my printed copies.
    Laz Long

  10. It went wrong about the same time women's fashion turned slutty. Do you know how hard it is to modestly dress teen girls these days? Forget the junior's department, Little Miss Ho; even the women's department runs long to Kardashian Chic. We do lots of jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. Good luck in your sartorial quest!

  11. Check to see if you have an Assistance League store nearby. Our local store only accepts higher end, higher quality clothing and items. for national locations.
    I've found new big-name brand clothing still with tags and pristine donated clothing for a pittance compared to retail stores. Sounds odd, but worth a check.

  12. It's the pussification of America.