Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chasmatic is a follower of STORMBRINGER, a friend and also a brother; we have been having an ongoing email exchange, and often we discuss our shared interest in the World's Oldest Fraternity. Freemasonry's influence on the birth and development of our nation is significant; Founding Fathers, generals, politicians, industrial leaders, so forth. Today Chas sends us something about Brother Henry Ford, and a clip of Chas' favorite musician/songwriter John Hiatt.

Chas writes:

I have always been a Chevy guy, as my Daddy before me, but I don't like the way GM rolled over and sold out. I am getting more respect for Ford Motors. Brother Henry Ford revolutionized our industrial base and started the assembly line process for automobiles.

A vid about Ford's first 100 years

What we have today is because of him and several others with brains and vision. I think the next car I buy will be one of these:

Meanwhile here is a modest tribute to him and Fords:

I'm out of format here with the vid clip - everybody knows I lean toward R&B and the Blues, but Chas put a good post together so what the hey . . . all I want to know is this Country or Western, and how can you tell the difference? - S.L.