Thursday, April 14, 2011


We've got the Ground Zero mosque sacrilege - over the pond they're dealing with THIS outrage:

Ex-Army chief's fears over plan for mosque next to Sandhurst

The site of the proposed mosque adjacent to Sandhurst, the British Royal Military Academy.

A former head of the British Armed Forces has warned that plans for a mosque overlooking Sandhurst could lead to attacks on the Royal Military Academy.

In a letter, Lord Guthrie says he is worried about the ‘security’ of the two 100ft minarets which will tower over the mosque, 300 yards from the Sandhurst parade ground.

And he is unconvinced by promises from the mosque leaders that
it will not fall into the hands of extremists who support a ‘doctrine of hate’

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Translation: "Viet Cong! This is a symbol of death!"

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  1. If they're really worried about the minarets, they could just intitiate a practical counter-sniper course at Sandhurst. It's a only 300-400 yard shot; good training for the students... given the Brit army's successes in sniping/counter sniping they should have a nice pool of instructors
    Boat Guy

  2. England will not be free from this invasion until enough Englishmen stand up and expel these savages. So long as they practice this brand of 'tolerance', which is indistinguishable from 'surrender', England will continue to slip away.

    Scotland and Ireland, however, may be another matter.