Thursday, April 14, 2011


In the wee hours of Sunday morning, seven volunteers left Tokyo and drove over broken roads and past demolished houses to meet three other volunteers in the ghost town that Minami Soma has become.

Some had prepared radiation suits and others wore simple vinyl raincoats.

The first two to arrive found the pack around the Odaka train station, near the owner's home, where the AP team had last seen them.

"They were waiting for their owner," said Tamiko Nakamura, a volunteer who went with the group from Tokyo.

The dogs had been left some dry food, and weren't starving.

It took a while to entice them with snacks, and six or seven were bundled into each car. The group saved 20 dogs in all.
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I love dogs. In fact, the more people I meet, the more I love MY dogs.

These "Shelties" look a lot like MY border collie "Puppy Dog"- the smartest dog in the world.
Respect and honor to these kind souls who braved the hazards of radioactivity to rescue "Man's Best Friend" - STORMBRINGER SENDS
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  1. Good story. Glad to see something good come out of Japan's disasters.