Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A reader writes:

I am not nor have I ever been in the forces, I have worked with a lot of working/serving personnel and one thing I do not understand is why when they are up against Muslims they do not use there primitive religion against them such as telling them that all our ammo is coated in pigs blood and that when we bury one of there dead we inter a dead Pigs body with it the sort of things that you had in the article on Black Jack Pershing they want to live by 13th century beliefs so use it against them you don't have to actually do all these things just start rumors and let them do the work like telling them that when you pick up the pieces of suicide bomber you bury them with bits of pig so they can not get into Paradise and that when they get caught they will get tied up using pig skin leather all little thing I know but for Religious nuts it will mean something and maybe discourage some.

- Z

Good question, Z-Man. Here's the short answer:

There's a little something out there called the Law of Land Warfare that will get you sent to Leavenworth for pulling stunts like this. Anyway at the U.S. Army JFK Special Warfare Center they taught us NEVER to mess with their religion - there is no way to control how a thing like that can boomerang right back at you in the wrong way direction. Believe it or not most of the Muslims are on our side and we want to keep it that way. Can you imagine if we infuriated ALL of them to the point where they ALL want to strap on bombs?

al Qaeda's objective is to turn this thing into a religious war, and if we let it happen then we just lost.

Better the sane Muslims see what decent, tolerant people we are. The current state of affairs cannot prevail; there is too much angst, hatred, ignorance and confusion out there. This is against the natural way of things. History shows us time and again that a set of circumstances may seemingly lead to a certain direction, but we humans are totally UN-predictable and that which is accepted as status quo can and will be upturned in the most unexpected and unorthodox manner.

Consider: in 1988 the Soviet Union was still going strong, people were still being hauled off to the Gulag, nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles were pointed right at the heartland of America. Common knowledge had it that the Cold War was going to last FOREVER. But in 1989 a bunch of German nature-worshipers went out for a little Communist Bloc version of Woodstock and the next thing you know the punk rockers were KNOCKING DOWN THE FREAKING BERLIN WALL WITH SLEDGEHAMMERS ! ! !

Even the CIA didn't see THAT one coming . . .

So now we have this situation with the Muslims, and the only logic one can make of it is that it's unsustainable . . . eventually something has got to give . . . carried out to it's logical conclusion it makes the Cold War look like a Sunday School picnic . . . it's simply unsustainable. But what if something unexpected - totally unexpected - yet totally within the capacity of the human condition - HAPPENS?

The Temple Mount, al Aqsa Mosque, and the Western Wall; the conjunction of the Three Great Faiths - the People of the Book - and where the Beginning of the End supposed to kick off.

What if, for example, one day all the good Muslims suddenly became Christians?

That would be a game-changer to say the least, and it's certainly within the realm of possibility.

For what it's worth, I owe my life to a Muslim, but that does not cloud my thinking; there are no rose-colored glasses. I am a soldier, first and foremost. Barring a miracle of Biblical proportions, it may very well be that in the end my brothers and I must be prepared to slay them in their thousands and their tens of thousands, until the blood runs knee-deep in the streets. Knee-deep, to the horses knees.


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  1. Thank you for putting this into a perspective I had never thought of before.