Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Allegations of Rampant Drug Use at Base in Afghanistan, and U.S. soldiers charged with murdering Afghan civilians.

If one percent of this story is true it is absolutely disgraceful. The fact that soldiers have actually been charged lends credibility to the allegations. -S.L.

An attorney for Corporal Jeremy Morlock, one of the soldiers charged in the case, describes a drug-filled base in Afghanistan, where he said many soldiers were often high during missions.

"Many people at that Fort (sic) Operating Base on Ramrod were smoking hash," Waddington said. "Much of the hash smoking that was going on involved hash-laced opium."

There are also allegations that at least one of the soldiers reached out for help back in the U.S., allegedly afraid his life would be in jeopardy if he spoke out on base about the killings.

Specialist Adam Winfield tried to blow the whistle, was afraid for his life.

Go to this site and watch the video of what the parents of one U.S. soldier claims - his story is disturbing and rings of truth - S.L.


SEATTLE (AP) - Those who have seen the photos say they are grisly: soldiers beside newly killed bodies, decaying corpses and severed fingers.

The dozens of photos, described in interviews and in e-mails and military documents obtained by The Associated Press, were seized by Army investigators and are a crucial part of the case against five soldiers accused of killing three Afghan civilians earlier this year.

Troops allegedly shared the photos by e-mail and thumb drive like electronic trading cards. Now 60 to 70 of them are being kept tightly shielded from the public and even defense attorneys because of fears they could wind up in the news media and provoke anti-American violence.

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There is a common myth amongst liberals, left-wingers, the Anti-America crowd in general, that ALL U.S. military conducts itself like this. I have encountered these types in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and even here at home in the United States.

But the aspect of the situation they never seem to get is that whenever our military becomes aware of such conduct, the perpetrators are arrested, charged, tried and sent to prison. When the OTHER side conducts FAR WORSE as a deliberate tactic or plan - think of terrorist acts such as 9/11; think of the abduction and beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl - the SAME PEOPLE who are all about pointing fingers and casting blame at the U.S. military for war crimes, they become strangely silent, or they make apologies and reasons for how and why WE are to blame for "Why they hate us."

The enemy does far worse, and they get a pass.




  1. Not to mention the percentage of dirt bags to percentage of good troops is miniscule.

  2. The MSM, while professing otherwise, revels in ANY disgrace that befalls the US military. How much air time do acts of heroism get? I heard an interview of a Brit correspondent on NPR (gag...gotta know what the enemy is up to) about her reporting from Afghanistan. You could hear the eagerness in her voice as the NPR interviewer asked how this very event is being portrayed in the Afghan papers. She was, however, more muted in her response as the Brit correspondent described how rather than being incensed, the Afghan press expressed amazement that any army would prosecute its members for war crimes. You could almost hear the NPR host say "Damn!"

  3. Wouldn’t that SOB Jack Murtha have loved this!!!

    I'm not too surprised that the media would choose to sensationalize the worst. They do it enough when a so-called "atrocity" is made up but, when it's valid? Best just get out of their way...

    This has always been the case and will never change. It is for this reason that professional soldiers should always be aware of their environment whether domestic, or otherwise, and leaders of men should never tolerate unprofessionalism or just plain stupidity wherever or whenever it occurs.
    This whole situation is another example of what happens when what could otherwise be good soldiers, stumble upon piss poor leadership. Young soldiers need competent supervision, discipline, guidance, and strong leadership to avoid this kind of debauchery from evolving. Show me out-of-control soldiers, I’ll show you piss poor leadership every time, up and down the chain.....jd

  4. I think immoral people are immoral people, kind of like dogs are dogs and cats are cats, as much as anything else. You can give most people really bad leadership and they still don't do warped things.

  5. Agreed but, young men (and soldiers) in stressful scenarios have a unique susceptibility to impulsive thinking and actions. This has always been true. Add hashish and opium in the mix and anything is possible. These soldiers are no different than many young men. Not most but many who if not not properly led and/or supervised will do stupid things and now, they're in deep shit.

    Just my two cents...jd