Friday, October 15, 2010

B-24J Liberator USAAF 90th Bombardment Group - the 'Jolly Rogers' - 321st Bomber Squadron, 'BOOBY TRAP' - Mindoro, Phillipines, February 1945.

This aircraft is typical of the natural metal B-24's operated in the last year of the war. BOOBY TRAP operated from McGuire Field, which the 90th Bombardment Group shared with the 380th BG 'Flying Circus'. The tail markings are well known but less familiar to most is the fact that the 'Jolly Rogers' also had an A-20 and a C-47 with the same emblem; the skull and crossed bombs.

One of the most colorful groups in the Pacific, the Jolly Rogers had in common the skull and cross bones incorporated within the art work of their aircraft.
No single heavy bomber unit in the AAF has ever claimed to beat the Jolly Rogers record in the number of enemy attackers shot down. Their sobriquet was named after their Commanding Officer, Colonel Art Rogers.

The crew of Booby Trap were as follows: Major Stanley P. Robeck, Unit Commander; 2LT John E. Wise Jr, navigator; 2LT Irving Weinberg, bombardier; T/SGT Leon E. Lins, engineer; T/SGT George J. Erickson, radio operator; SSG Kenneth A Johnson, gunner; SSG George R. Rothenberger, gunner; SSG James A. Bregory, gunner.

44-40193 had made its first flight on 6th March 1944 and was delivered to the AAF at San Diego 48 hours later.

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