Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Several New York jurisdictions admitted that they failed to mail out absentee ballots which allow the military to vote for the 2010 election. This has been known by the Justice Department since October 2, apparently.

No surprise here.

As long as I was in the Army the absentee ballot thing was a joke. It was an open secret that even if your ballot made it to wherever you voted, the Acorn types and the bureaucrats (i.e. Democrats) who own and operate the polls would do everything in their power to make sure the military ballots hit the round file, on the belief that the military votes overwhelmingly Republican.

Guys who worked in the military postal system told us of cartons of absentee ballots being shoved aside, not making it to polls. There is a kernal of truth to these stories, just like the dead people who vote in Cook County, Illinois and the hordes of inner city types that Acorn buses from poll to poll, allowing them to vote early, and often.

Moral of the story: Democrats have to cheat to win.

How else do you think that clown Al Franken got elected ? ? ?




  1. Absolutely disgusting and scandalous. There's no reason those ballots are not on a FedEx plane right now.

  2. 1.Uh, Sean, hate to ruin two good fantasies...but: it wasn't the Democrats who owned and operated the polls in Florida in 2001.

    And...they don't in Minnesota either. Al Franken won when the Minnesota Supreme Court, more than half Republican appointees, ruled in his favor.


    By the way, I'm honestly confused here. Do you say things like this because you actually believe them, or because you're just trying to stir debate? You're blundering dangerously close to Limbaugh-land with screeds like this one.

  3. You are a Kool-Aid drinker - OF COURSE the Democrats controlled the polls in Florida and Minnesota - that's WHY the results were as close as what they were.

    The fact that the Florida Secretary of State, the United States Supreme Court and the Minnesota Supreme Court (ALL Republican) all took action and ruled the way they did just goes to prove my point - if they were Democrat we'd STILL be arguing over who won . . .

    . . . oh . . . in the case of Florida we still ARE I guess . . .

  4. Okay, let's try it this way. Exactly what result in Florida and Minnesota would have NOT led you to think the Democrats were manipulating the polls? Would a 48-state Dem wipeout, Florida included, have been sufficient?

    Not to risk pushing buttons, but I need some help here. Your point was not that Democrats are bickering, self-promoting incompetents (which, precisely 78.13 percent of the time, they are). Your point was 'they can't win without cheating.'

    I guess that's why McCain so graciously conceded on election night.

    I once wrote on another blog (which I dare not name here) the following opinion of mine: that the point of no return in the rise of a fanatical movement is the point past which their disregard for the facts has become obvious to the other side...and they do not care.

    Now, let's see:
    Busloads of phantom ACORN operatives and legions of dead voters (requiring a skilled conspiracy that would be impossible to keep secret). Absentee ballots that all get circular-filed on arrival (risking massive prison sentences and a far more dangerous reaction from the military if discovered.) The Democrats in total control of the nation's polls (which, I guess, is why things are going so well for them politically right now. And, again, requiring another magically secret superconspiracy.)
    I guess, for the moment, we'll leave Obama's fairy-dust Kenyan birth certificate alone.

    My question here is obvious. Do conservatives like you need any proof at all of your accusations, or not? You seem to specifically want to be impossible to reason with.

  5. Murkowski. Democrat or Republican?

  6. OK let's say you're right - please explain why Democrats are DEAD SET AGAINST any kind of voter identification requirement . . . ?

    Hmmm ? ? ? Hhhmmmmmmmmm ? ? ?

    . . . except that union 'card check' thing, which is really code language for getting rid of the secret ballot in union elections . . . we all know why they want THAT.

  7. Actually, I'd be interested to know what info you have on Dems declaring they'd let people vote with no identification. I wasn't aware of any.