Sunday, October 24, 2010


Lt. General Boykin is well-known and well-respected within the Special Forces community. What he has to say in this video a real eye-opener:

"I'm a Green Beret, and I've studied Marxist insurgency, it was part of my training . . .

. . . and the things that have been done in ever Marxist insurgency, are being done in America today . . .

. . . What happened when people like Fidel Castro moved their societies toward Marxism is they've nationalized major sectors of the economy. Folks, that's what the bailouts were . . ."

Lt. General Boykin's comments are succinct and concise. He very clearly illustrates the sinister agenda behind the Healthcare legislation - stuff that I didn't know. If half our university professors were as informed and tuned in as Lt. General Boykin, our country probably wouldn't be in the mess we are in today. He is on it . . .




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  3. I hope that Gen. Boykin becomes more familiar to the general conservative community. I have sent this video to most of my email list.

  4. We should not forget that Mao, who developed the protected war insurgency theory that the General studied, developed his theories from Clausewitz and George Washington and the American Revolution which was arguably the greatest and most successful insurgency in history.

  5. To this list I would add impose control on the print media, airwaves, and internet. The proposed "Fairness Doctrine" is a step in that direction. The print media already censors itself. Juan Williams learned first-hand what happens when a liberal crosses the line.