Tuesday, October 26, 2010



  1. Way cool guns! Thompson and 1911 - always good when they can share ammo ;-)

  2. While the Thompson's absolutely got utility in certain situations, I'd druther have a Garand most of the time.
    I'd be perfectly happy with a Garand and a 1911 today - or any day
    Boat Guy

  3. I fired one that a Lt. Col had acquired back in the day. He said that it was acquired after a suspected VC was captured by SF and Yards.

    Most of what I remember was that it was heavy, small recoil and that it was built like a rock. But hey, that was over forty years ago and fifty five pounds earlier.

    But yea, I would love to have one now.

    Papa Ray

  4. Passed on Jarhead friend of mine "liberated" a Thompson from the arms locker of his USN transport on the way to landing on Okinawa. Said he carried it around for about three days, but couldn't find any magazines or even .45ACP ammo that anybody would give him from their pistols and tossed it in a ditch because he was doing all his "work" with his Garand and occasionally a BAR. They're pretty nice, albeit heavy, though that makes them pretty controllable and .45 makes a bigger hole than 9mm, all other things being equal.