Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There is a very interesting chapter in the book More Homicidal Humor, by Sgt. Brian Foster of the Houston Police Homicide Unit, about a man he calls Tommy T who once owned this gun. Tommy was an organized crime figure in Houston and Corpus Christi who is said to have murdered quite a few people with it. You can order the book from the author’s website, HomicidalHumor.Com

Copyright 2007
by Ed Buffaloe.

The artwork on this firearm is intense - and I don't just mean from the point of view of a metalworker's craftmanship - as such I cannot display the details without the risk of STORMBRINGER getting slapped with "Adult Site" status. To inspect the rest of this remarkable artifact, go to A Hitman's Gun homepage. Be forewarned: probably "NSFW".

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