Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Internet went out at STORMBRINGER HQ yesterday - I could have posted an announcement via my DingleBerry but I just took the opportunity to take care of other tasks. It takes three days to cut the grass around here and that's not counting scooping up the cuttings - I did it all in one day yesterday. It was a nice break from the Internet.

Speaking of breaks I will be on the road starting tomorrow and then totally off the net after Wednesday, for fifteen days. I could have set up STORMBRINGER with a series of posts on "fire and forget" but this contract came up suddenly so there was no time. Two weeks is death in the Blog-o-Sphere; I'll deal with it when I come back. Maybe with a re-invented STORMBRINGER; "New & Improved" (was it Jerry Seinfield who posited, 'How can something be 'new' AND 'improved'?).

While we're on the subject of Blog STORMBRINGER itself; Sparki pointed out that photo of Obama holding a press conference is doctored via photoshop - just goes to show, I let my guard down ONE TIME and did not validate material sent in and egg all over my face. You can go HERE and see the original shot of the current Occupier of the White House before it was photo doctored - too early in the morning for me to punish your eyes with the Imposter-in-Chief's image.

In the WW II photos, Zachery brought to our attention one plane described as a 'Ju 88 loading a torpedo':

It isn't a Ju 88, it's a Heinkel 115.

For comparison's sake, here's a JU-88:

and here's one on the ground:

I should have known this - I'll take the hit. As a reward Zachery gets some healthful cleavage gazing. For the rest of us some aircraft recognition refresher training is in order:

Junkers JU88

Heinkel HE115

Attention to detail, people - how come Zachery was the only one who caught that?



  1. Be safe, see ya when ya get back.

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