Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sean Linnane is a pseudonym

My background is military, of course, and civil engineering. Born in Australia, raised in Southeast Asia; I am an immigrant to the United States. My family heritage is Anglo-Irish; I myself am three-quarters Irish. The name 'Sean Linnane' is taken from the Gaelic version of my mother's maiden name, and my middle name; related to the word linen, it means 'a cloak'. I have made pilgrimage to the Old Sod; my journeys have also taken me to Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, and a million other places in between.

I am very interested in Ancient Greece & Rome and their extensive influence on our modern culture: art, architecture, thought, philosophy & politics.

I speak English, French and Thai, and have a working knowledge of Spanish and Arabic. I have developed a personal philosophy of Life by studying the ancients - Aristotle, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius - the moderns - Nietzche, Orwell, Ayn Rand, William F. Buckley Jr. - and of course those in the middle - Voltaire, John Locke, John Stuart Mill - distilling this knowledge and wisdom through the crucible of punishing warrior training and military service on five continents.

I was taught that the meaning of life is hard work, that work is it's own reward, and the motto of the Benedictine monks: Laborare est Orare - to work is to pray. In my off-time I enjoy working my land, carving civilization out of the wasteland, woodworking and carpentry, small engine maintenance and repair, pumping iron, reading - I am inspired by Joyce, Conrad and Hemingway - and of course I write STORMBRINGER. I regularly practice military combat pistol marksmanship training; weapon of choice is Mr. Browning's most excellent design the M1911 Government Model - the only hand gun for the true American warrior.

I am an American soldier; retired from active duty, but still serving in other capacities.

Thank you, and may your God go with you.

- S. L.



  1. Thank you again for all you've done, and continue to do. We are richer for your contributions, and your insight.

  2. What Rev. Paul said.
    I feel as nothing, compared to your achievements.
    Thank you.

  3. I might also add Patriot and Teacher to the list. Thank you for your service to our county sir and for the lessons you bring us every day.

  4. All the above - many thanks for interesting posts. Oh and the Audubon Society subject matter is also appreciated.

  5. Likewise to what the others have stated. And its always nice to hear from another brother in arms, even if I have not done nearly the things you have. I find that I enjoy learning from you on the historical notes, as well as some of the other things. And I'm all for flaying those that would falsely wear the uniform.

  6. wow you speak thai! this idiom is ridiculous hard!