Monday, July 18, 2011


I've got to keep it short because the Internet has been kicking in and out and on top of that I need to pack my bags and hit the road - tout de suite - so here goes:

DoubleTapper is a Hero of the Holy Land and Friend of STORMBRINGER and Theo over at Last of the Few. His site is much better than mine - he obviously spends more time at it - and as you'll recall last year we supported DoubleTapper to victory in the Foreign Milblog of the Year - check it out, he is still #1 over at

As well as his military activities, DoubleTapper is involved in security work and now he has a new project - I invite you to check it out, it IS cool.

Check it out - Blogger re-did their site, made it a little more technocrat and - incredibly enough - easier to work with at the same time. Fancy that! There were some numbers there for me to crunch and this is what I came up with:

I've been doing STORMBRINGER since May 2009. In that time we've had 1,474 posts and 1,085,676 pageviews. Not sure what a "pageview" is compared to a "visit" - something to do with how much time you spend on the site, I suppose - but yes we are over one million.

1,085,676 pageviews divided by 1,474 posts = 737 visits per post.

Not bad, but not as impressive as if you do it THIS way:

1,085,676 pageviews divided by 790 days = 1,374 visits a day.

That's 9,618 pageviews a week and 41,220 pageviews a month.

On top of that STORMBRINGER is in the top one hundred on the list - I'm up there at #62 - haven't cracked into the top ten yet, but this time last year all I could claim was top 2% because I was down there at #1800 or so on the list. I'm #12 on the list for Military Veteran blogs.

Not too shabby for a one-man operation full of fire-and-forget blurbs on everything and anything.

My brother (who I'm driving out of his skull because he's trying to groom me as a cultural phenomenon) says this of the STORMBRINGER Experience: "Sean Linanne is all over the place!. You need a NEW name - nobody's going to follow you, nobody's going to print your stuff if you're Sean Linnane!" Then he makes this noise like Felix Unger clearing his sinuses . . . heh . . .

I wish to thank all of you for your support and good cheer - without you, there would be no STORMBRINGER . . . and always remember:


OK now I need to bolt out of here before the Internet craps out on me again, and anyway I've got to pack . . . Peace, Out.





  1. Hi Sean,

    Your blog I check out everyday, I based my blog on how yours is set up, you have more on your blog than politics. I find it educational and sometimes humorous.

    Keep on posting

  2. Aw, p'shaw. Don't listen to your brother. I like Shawn Linnane
    for precisely that reason. You -are- all over the place. Not the same old stick-in-the-mud theme over and over and over. The draw is simple: "Gotta check Stormbringer, wonder what he's up to now?"

  3. Indeed Godspeed, but by the end of the year you all guys are going to be at home.