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Talking to my buddy Raul last night - we haven't seen each other in awhile so it was time to catch up and compare notes; I'm between contracts right now, Raul is doing tech work for one of the more exclusive private armies out there. We talked a bit about the scene and action around the beltway.

"Where you at these days, Sean? You're up in PA, yeah?"

"That's right. PA is cool. Nice low state taxes, they don't tax your retirement, a thriving gun culture and VERY civilized gun laws."

"That's good. Florida's like that too - I've had my concealed carry permit for about four years now."

"Yeah, I finally broke down and got legal. You remember how it was down in North Cackallacky - you didn't really need any kind of paper, especially if you were one of us. You couldn't carry it into a bar anyway, have to leave it out in the car, and you don't need paperwork down there to carry in your car."

"That's right, Sean."

"Up here in PA I can carry anywhere - ANYWHERE - except a Federal building."

"Or a school or an airport."

"Well, yeah. I'm telling you, Raul, if you MUST live north of the Mason-Dixon line, PA is the place to be."

"Not Maryland, though. Maryland SUCKS."

"Yeah, it's weird, the one place BELOW the Mason-Dixon Line you NEVER want to live in is Maryland - you can't even defend your castle down there without going to jail!"

"Lemme tell you, Sean - I was in Gaitherburg, Maryland, and usually I obey the law, but something told me that night I better carry, so I strapped on my Colt Commander's model."

The shorter slide makes concealability a little bit easier. Six rounds and one in the chamber, then an extra seven-round mag in your pocket. If you need any more than that, you're in the wrong movie.

I carry the same thing, only mine's an M1991 - absolutely utilitarian; no bells no whistles, the only thing special about Old SlabSides is the Pachmeyr grips, and they came with it that way right out of the box.

"Anyway I'm in a Burger King, right? And I'm telling the lady I want a Number 1. She looks at me and goes '¿Que?' "

"So I say it again, 'I'll have a Number 1.' "


So this time I say it in Spanish, "Dame un Numero Uno por favor."


"So now we're down to the old pointy-talkee method and I finally get my Number 1, and I'm going back outside to the car with it and there's these three M.S. 13 looking dudes in the parking lot. I'd seen them when I came in, and they're talking to each other in Spanish about how they're going to rob me, and of course I can understand every word they're saying because I was in Seventh Group, right?"

"So I pull my jacket back and whip out my piece and I figure I'm going to go to jail for the crime of defending my life because I'm in Maryland, but that's better than going to the graveyard, and I say to these guys in Spanish: 'I should have killed your fathers and your grandfathers when I had the chance last time I was back down in El Salvador, because now I have to kill YOU three here in Estados Unidas - WHO DIES FIRST?'

"Needless to say I didn't have any trouble with those boys after that."

A great example of why our Second Amendment rights must not be constrained. Now check THIS out:


While the debt-ceiling debate grips Washington, the president is discreetly beefing up gun regulations in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, going over the heads of powerful NRA lobbyists, as reported in The Daily Beast

As early as next week, Obama will begin a series of changes designed to tighten regulations and penalties under current laws.

The changes will include:

  • Strengthening the national electronic system by collecting new information to make background checks for handgun buyers simpler and faster, leaving an electronic paper trail under a law named for James Brady, Ronald Reagan’s press secretary who was wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on the President.
  • A new reporting requirement that federally licensed gun shops report any person who tries to buy two long-arm weapons near the Mexican border over a five-day period.
  • Tougher sentencing guidelines for straw buyers that Holder’s department pushed through procedural hoops at the U.S. Sentencing Commission earlier this year.

But the low-key approach hasn’t escaped the notice of the NRA, which says the administration’s tack won't help crime-fighting efforts and could backfire in next year's elections, when the gun lobby is again likely to flex its sizable political muscle.

“If they want to do something serious about stopping crime, they can do the tried-and-true rules and go after criminals. They’re not,” says Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the NRA. “They’re collapsing prosecutions across the U.S. The idea of putting more forms on the honest people is ridiculous. They need to start on something the criminals don’t like, which is arresting and incarcerating.”

It's getting crazy out there people - every single wild-ass crazy rumor and innuendo you ever heard about Obama is coming to fruition. Read the rest of this story, all the details HERE


Third Special Forces Group compound, Afghanistan

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  1. BOY! You're just a font of good news, today!
    Great, but scary story about the MD Burger King.
    I'm taking the 'in the wrong movie' comment and quoting you.
    Stay Safe,