Thursday, July 7, 2011


. . . and let slip the Dogs of War! 
- William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

STORMBRINGER is about to fully enter the Culture War: the Left has become so inherently dangerous to the lives of ordinary Americans, and as such I can no longer simply regard the mob from my virtual ivory tower. I display the Snake flag on my blog and the Tea Party has become SO overwhelmingly huge - who'd ever imagine we'd be so POPULAR??? - its time for me to fish or cut bait.

In keeping with the military inspiration, I will dub this latest maneuver Operation OVERLORD because, like Eisenhower's mission in Europe, this is a Crusade in North America. This is especially apropos because America's most hated enemies call our soldiers (and those of our Allies) 'Crusaders'.

Starting today - along with the usual Conservative themes I will bring light upon leftist outrages, disinformation and political skullduggery from the Other Side - remember I was among the first to alert on Operation GunWalker
(which Obama's Justice Department under Eric Holder is stonewalling BTW).

Over the past three-odd years we have seen the Obama Administration pile up greater debt than the previous 43 administrations combined - 14 TRILLION! Our grandchildren will be paying for their share-the-wealth pipedreams, state-enforced redistribution of wealth and thinly-disguised political finance ponzi schemes. We have seen the tearing down of American power and pride around the world; witness an American President bowing and scraping to Oriental kings and potentates:

. . .

This same President apologizing for American 'excesses' to crowds of foreigners - in BERLIN of all places to the GERMANS of all people (Hell-O-O-O - any of you clowns in the Left Leaning Lamestream Media ever hear of that Final Solution operation those people had going back in the groovy Third Reich days?). And remember Berlin is the same city we defended against tyranny for fifty years - more on that theme to come. Our manned space program is cancelled for the first time since 1961, and we're so lacking in national leadership we can't even knock over a tinhorn dictator even if we wanted to - has anyone noticed the air war against Gadaffi has gone on now for almost a month longer than the Kosovo air war?

Let us always remember that it's darkest before the dawn. Our enemy may seem unbeatable, of limitless resources, our task monolithic and daunting; still we must continue the good fight and never falter in our determination, for our cause is immaculate, and the alternative: Socialism, and the end of the last great shining hope of the world - America - this is simply unthinkable.

(From Theo Sparks Last of the Few

Lies, Damned Lies and Jewish Statistics . . . . . . . . . . . by Dan Friedman

Yesterday I sent around a Gallup poll which showed Obama maintaining most of the overwhelming Jewish support he received in the ‘08 election. Political strategist Dick Morris did his own polling and comes to a different conclusion:

Obama is in the process of breaking the close relationship between his party and the Jewish community, a liaison first formed by Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s. In increasing numbers, American Jews and Jewish Democrats are leaving the president's side.

Have a look at Morris’s numbers here. - Dan Friedman NYC

Pajamas Media: The Future of Obama's Stealth Gun Control

Homosexuality is no longer a kink or a sexual deviancy it is a fully acceptable lifestyle choice. How droll. So where does this take us? Is bestiality next? Stop enforcing the ban, U.S. told

And lastly, this - the lamestream media is so emboldened they don't even try to hide their agenda anymore:

Pumping Up Communists at the Los Angeles Times Business Section

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support. Oh, and one last thing: the Birds remain - they are my little way of remaining politically incorrect, a cheerful reminder of a time when images of sexy women graced wall lockers, barracks walls, the back cover of Soldier magazine, and the noses of our combat aircraft.




  1. Just want to thank you for the "Where Eagles Dare" recommendation.
    It was appreciated at our expat Independence Day celebration.

  2. Hey Sean,

    I've always liked your style of writing so far.

    Generally, no-one in their right mind would imagine though that this blog is writen by anyone other than a normal person: a "right winger". Allow me to explain: I just think that a blog with a focus on calm patriotism and evidence based analysis is something that anyone can relate to and OF COURSE that is generally the stance of the right: "maintain the good, reform the ill" and all that.

    Obama is an utter dud. The worst president ever: I have no doubt. The only reason foreigners wanted him in chage is because overall foreigners are jealous of American independence: as you rightly say, "Germany"? In the UK all manner of wierdos would have come to see him, but it would never have looked so cosmetically impressive.

    But will your contributions continue to be calm and based on reality over politics? The reality of the filth of the professional politician is that there are so many expense claims and so much denial: and this happens with ANY politicians. I'm not sure that you're anything other than a supporter of the decent people in the world as it is, so it would be sad to sacrifice your editorial style in favour of open support of some seemingly-decent folks that might in fact turn out to be disgusting slime.

    (I have in mind the "News of the World" scandal and closure (there are less lies in their title than the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, but that's a mute point). The decent chaps with good manners and education are suddenly perceived as some filthy third world junta... You know the drill)

    All the best,