Wednesday, November 21, 2012


(Photo: Facebook via Gawker)

Her name is Lindsey Stone, and yes she actually did perform this act of supreme disrespect at Arlington National Cemetery.

And then to ensure that the entire world is aware what a complete idiot she is, Linsdey posted it on her Facebook page. That not being good enough, this charter member of the moron class doubled down on stupid with this lame explanation:

Sorry, Lindsey, you dumb cunt, this doesn't cut it. This is nothing more than the kind of wrongheaded logic your class offers to rationalize everything. What you did isn't defying authority, it's spitting on the graves of those who died to give a miserable microbe like you the freedom to chronicle such a dishonorable and disgraceful act.

This thing went viral on the Twitter-verse and out there in Facebook Land, predictably enough. I tried getting to the part of her employers website but their servers are inundated, predictably enough. You can try if you want; the scumsucking shitstain known as Lindsey Stone works for an outfit called LIFE Living Independently Forever of Cape Cod, Massechusetts.

I understand there is some angst on behalf of her employers about whether or not they should fire her worthless ass - that's because they are handwringing Liberals and decision-making skills are obviously not their strong suit. I'll make it easy for them - YES Lindsey Stone should be fired; she is no longer a suitable representative of an organization whose charter is to care for the handicapped. Especially when you consider how many veterans fall within that unfortunate category.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it



  1. I was equally appalled and took action as did many of my friends. What you failed to mention and the reason the employer is so important, is that she was on a company sponsered trip when she did this. As of this morning, both her and the woman who took the picture are suspended pending investigation. It will be up to all of us to make sure this is followed through on the part of the employer and that we keep up the pressure until we get the desired results. We cannot forget these actions.

  2. The world is full of people like this, probably the true sentiment of the current occupant of the white house.

  3. It is disgraceful beyond words! I will be contacting the organization to let them know my disapproval.
    Diane Enochs, Executive Director email Diane
    Our Business Address:
    LIFE (Living Independently Forever, Inc.)
    550 Lincoln Road Extension, Hyannis, MA 02601
    Phone: 508-790-3600

  4. I was merely seriously peeved when I saw this post. When I too heard she was on company business, the rightness of firing her sorry ass was my first response. But now, I think there's a better choice:
    Give her a choice between
    A) Resigning. Unlike firing her, if she quits she gets no unemployment bennies, and the good citizens of MA shouldn't have to subsidize such a monumental jackhole
    B) She becomes the company's new pointwoman for dealing with every disabled veteran (and their family) her company works with. If someone has the squirts, she's on diaper cleanup patrol. If they have a problem, she fixes it. If they have a complaint, she works until she gets it right. The company makes sure this includes going to veteran's groups under a sign with this picture, and sits and takes an earful from any veteran who felt offended, and she apologizes. She also gets scheduled to be the official scrub on premises on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veteran's Day, at straight time. Any sh*tty job that needs doing is hers to do. And she apologizes personally to any veteran their company serves, employs, or deals with, without offering the slightest defense for her defenseless action, save for her two newest favorite words: "I'm sorry".
    Ditto for her co-tard.
    Said probation to last for one year, with a 100% score in humility and cheerfulness required required for passing. Successful completion completes the probation. Failure results in demotion to minimum wage, and an endless succession of the worst and most disagreeable jobs available until she either quits or completes the probation.

    Firing her is of course justifed, but costs taxpayer money and gives but a momentary pleasure. As Lincoln said when deciding deserters' fates, "The poorest use of a soldier is to shoot him."

    I submit the above plan would be a far better punishment than mere dismissal, vastly more appropriate and fitting to the crime, and might have the salutary effect of giving these two cretins 365 days of nose-rubbing in their little mess to grow a sense of responsibility and a respect for both their elders and their betters. It has the added benefit that it would demonstrate their non-profit cares about realities, and not just doing the CYA Shuffle, and metes out justice and tough-love mercy in equal measure.

    Best Regards,


  5. She may not be an employee
    from the Living Independently Forever of Cape Cod, Massechusetts website:

    "Supported Independent Living for Adults with Learning and Intellectual Disabilities"

    sounds like she could be a resident there

  6. In the papers here in the UK they say she and her friend have been fired.

  7. Just emailed their presidente and expressed my measured and thoughtout ideas regarding the 3rd and 4th order effects of Miss Stone working for them... ...they are from Mass so I suspect that cognition is a weak point but maybe an example will be made of the little cur...