Sunday, November 11, 2012

HONOR - The Story Left Untold

Veterans Day 2012

Dakota Meyer was a 21-year-old Marine corporal at the time of the 2009 ambush in which five American and nine Afghan National Army troops were killed. (Defense Department via Associated Press)

On Sept. 8, 2009, in a remote eastern Afghanistan province, Afghan soldiers, with their American trainers, were ambushed by 50 insurgents, Obama said. Meyer, then a corporal, and Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, were listening to the attack on the radio in a support position.

Meyer disregarded orders from superiors not to enter the killing zone to aid his ambushed colleagues. Instead Dakota told Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez they were going in. Juan jumped into a Humvee and took the wheel; Dakota climbed into the turret and manned the gun and they drove straight into the kill zone.

Meyer led five successive missions that night to save the lives of 13 Americans and 23 Afghan troops. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that night.

Read the entire saga HERE

"Only the Dead have seen the End of War." - Homer


  1. I've got a few questions; one: has the USA achieved it's goals in Iraq and Afghanistan? two: has the USA reached it's goals in regarding the wae on terrorism? Why don't you simply admit that the Saudi government is the major source of terrorism finances?

  2. Why don't you tell us what you know? Why don't you get your own blog and tell it to the world? This blog is dedicated to honor. Hey! I have an idea! Why don't you take a flying f*ck at the moon?

  3. Hey Janne, speaking from experience are you? No, didn't think so...
    I doubt you've ever left the country and certainly haven't been to the Middle East.

  4. everyone has a right to post what they want on any blog...just have enough sense Janne not to do it on STORMBRINGER...duh.

    thanks for your service STORMBRINGER and all those still serving - Veteran's Day is for you guys and gals

  5. I've read the story in detail serveral places. Meyer's repeated forays under fire to get to his guys were amazing.

    More importantly, when it became apparent that higher-higher would never let him back into harm's way again as one of the very few living MOH awardees, but rather just wanted to preserve him eternally as a "recruiting poster" Marine, he finished his enlistment and got out of the Corps.

    Like all such awardees: One. Hell. Of. A. Man.


  6. Pay Attention: Watch the Patraeus - Benghazi connection very carefully. They have to take down the military & CIA. DHS will step up.


  8. The man had a pair...and used them.

  9. HAS a pair - he's still this side of the Great Divide . . .