Saturday, November 17, 2012


It’s been a week now that the shocking and disgraceful Petraeus affair has been revealed to us. I say shocking and disgraceful not out of some kind of moral outrage – I’m no boy scout – but rather the incredible peripheral information of the affair that keeps emerging.

Bottom Line Up Front: this thing is intertwined and entangled with the attack on the US Consulate and the violent deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, in a manner as ironic and sinister as any Greek tragedy.

Yesterday General Petraeus admitted before Congress, that the Benghazi incident was a pre-meditated assault by an al Qaeda-linked militia. However, on September 14th Petraeus told Congress that the CIA’s take on the events; that the violence on a spontaneous protest triggered by an anti-Muslim video.

To gain understanding of the continuing cover-up of the Benghazi mess, let us examine the timeline of events:

30 June 2010 The Senate confirms Petraeus as the new commander for war in Afghanistan. Over the next year, Broadwell expands her research of Petraeus into an authorized biography. She makes multiple trips to Afghanistan and is given unprecedented access to Petraeus and his commanders.

Since when do Generals have groupies, anyway?

6 September 2011 Petraeus is sworn in as CIA director with his wife, Holly, by his side. Broadwell keeps in contact with Petraeus and is later invited to his office for events, including a meeting with actress Angelina Jolie.

November 2011 Petraeus begins an extramarital affair with Broadwell, according to his friend, retired Army Colonel Steve Boylan.

24 January 2012 Broadwell's biography, "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus" is released.

30 January 2012 In an interview with her hometown paper, the Bismarck Tribune, Broadwell describes Petraeus as an inspirational figure who always takes care of his subordinates.

May 2012 Jill Kelley, (a Tampa socialite, not the porn star and producer/director) starts receiving harassing emails. The FBI begins investigating soon after.

Summer 2012 FBI agents determine that the email trail leads to Broadwell. They come across a private Gmail account using an alias that belongs to Petraeus. Emails between Petraeus and Broadwell lead agents to believe the two are having an affair. FBI Director Robert Mueller is notified. At some point during the investigation, the FBI interviews Petraeus and Broadwell.

July 2012 The affair between Petraeus and Broadwell ends, according to Petraeus' friend Boylan.

Late Summer 2012 Attorney General Eric Holder is notified. By this time, the FBI has long since concluded there was no national security breach, but continues investigating whether Petraeus had any role in the harassing emails sent to Kelley.

That’s the official story – that the affair ended in July, long prior to the events in Benghazi on September 11th of this year, and that there was no national security breach. However, two weeks before his resignation as Director of Central Intelligence, David Petraeus attended an event with Paula Broadwell.

According to a senior U.S. intelligence official who attended the annual Office of Strategic Services Society awards dinner on October 27th, the General and his mistress were openly together, moving about the room and mingling as a couple.

Incredibly, this took place more than a month after Broadwell was first interviewed by the FBI, according to multiple government and law enforcement officials. A few days later, the FBI interviewed Petraeus for the first time and Broadwell for a second time.

This is obviously the reckless arrogance that often overwhelms those in positions of high power. Again, I am not outraged by the fact that a national leader had a woman on the side. What concerns me is Petraeus making himself vulnerable for blackmail, at the very least. For the Director of the CIA to flaunt his extra-marital affair with another man's wife beyond sheer boldness, it is downright incredibly stupid.

What outrages me is the fact that after the Benghazi incident, General Petraeus repeated the Obama Administration party line about it being a mob enraged about the weird movie that led to the sacking of the United States Consulate. In other words, the Director of the CIA lied to Congress. We know he lied because yesterday, before Congress, Petraeus admitted that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist hit and that the CIA was immediately aware of the fact.

This begs the question: Why? Why would a highly decorated general officer, a national hero and Director of Central Intelligence, lie to Congress and the American people?

Two reasons:

A) He wanted to keep his job as head of the CIA, and avoid the shame and disgrace that he and his family are now experiencing. In repeating the Obama lie about Benghazi, Petraeus was like a drowning man grasping at straws to keep from going down.

B) There is something bigger to hide; this involves the relief of General Ham, AFRICOM commander, for his actions the night of September 11th. The analysis of these events is HERE

In other words, an American overseas missions was under direct attack by elements of al Qaeda; we knew about it and the order was given to stand down relief forces. This order could only have come from the National Command Authority – i.e. the Secretary of Defense, and/or President of the United States.

Americans were hung out to dry. There were any number of alternatives available to be employed against the threat; everything from flying a couple of fastmovers overhead at rooftop level and scaring the bejesus out of the attackers, to launching the theater commander's in extremis force - the CIF - which was apparently on standby an hour away in Sigonella, Sicily. Instead, the National Command Authority balked, and the Americans on the ground in Benghazi paid for this lack of leadership with their lives.

It served Obama to continue the video myth aspect of Benghazi; this was the height of the election. We are told that Obama was not aware of Petraeus' extramarital affair until a day or two before the election, or perhaps immediately afterwards. This is simply not possible.

Consider: the Director of Central Intelligence is being investigated by the FBI for an affair that involves a possible breach of national security - and we are to believe that the President was not informed? This is not possible and simply unbelievable. He would have been informed immediately. We're talking national security here, people - this is right up there with the Launch Codes.

Now we see that a cover story was perpetrated - to the benefit of our hated enemy, al Qaeda, incredibly enough. I'm still waiting for Barack Obama to come clean, and I'm quite sure he's concerned; in the 1970s a smaller event took down a President.

The situation is beyond disgraceful. Petraeus betrayed his own Code of Honor, he betrayed his wife, family and friends, he betrayed the office he served, he betrayed the four dead Americans in Benghazi, and he betrayed the American people.


I hope that poontang was worth it General because it not only cost you the best job in the world, it cost you your honor.


  1. Take the next step.

    One of these things is nor like ANY other.
    Generals DON'T have groupies.

    So who is this woman really?
    Whose building in Chicago did she "just happen to live in" 5 or 10 years ago?
    Who granted her this "unprecedented access" in the first place??
    Every Obama opponent back to forever was taken out by scandal.So knowing that m.o., sell me on the idea that a guy with strong cred to run against the Dems in 2016 suddenly slipped and fell on a hottie 20 years younger.
    And why would you move Panetta to SecDef from CIA, and move Petraeus (who's lived and breathed the Pentagon hallways for a decade) into CIA, where he's a fish out of water?
    Tell me how FBI "just stumbles onto" the easily-penetrated (forgive the pun) e-mail of a former theatre cmdr. and current DCI? Seriously, "the dog ate my homework" has a better shot with the BS Meter than FBI's "Once upon a time" fairytale.

    The whole thing stinks of deliberately planned honeytrap, intended to kneecap Petraeus in 2016, but hastily deployed instead when circumstances in Benghazi went sideways. They already had the frame built, now they get a two-fer and use it as a Get Out Of Jail card for the consulate fiasco.

    (And they wanted the Ambassador to die, because dead men tell no tales. The others were "collateral damage.")

    Which also explains taking out Gen. Ham @ AFRICOM and Asst. Commandant USMC Dunford, demoting him to A-stan, to replace Gen. Allen, who was also sacked and is now embroiled in FBI's case investigation.

    We haven't lost this many generals since Gettysburg.

    The answer that flies is that WH, SecDef, & SecState screwed the pooch, got called on it by senior mil. leadership, and the AG, already working a frame on Petraeus, dropped the hammer when he balked. BHO & Co. staged a Night Of The Long Knives, so now between them they've cut off any traction from leaks from CIA, the Pentagon, or State. And the FBI is still investigating, so anybody who pops their head up gets a national security-sensitive investigation (and media crapstorm) right up the wazoo.

    Any Reichsfuhrer, or Comrade Beria and the Cheka, would be proud.


  2. Actually, many more generals/admirals were relieved in WW2... but typically not for failing to keep zipped up.

    1. Yes, and Gen.s Ham, Dunford, and Allen weren't relieved for "failing to keep zipped up"; Petreus resigned on his own accord, and wasn't a general, he was the DCI. Heads of the CIA "retire to spend more time with their family", they don't get outted like PFCs with a DUI.
      Unless it's done deliberately, because someone's about to sound off, and they have to be discreditted as "disgruntled former employees" with all due haste.
      This is ALL about dishonoring the man, poisoning his testimony, using him as a scapegoat for Benghazi, and cracking the whip with everybody above O-6 in the military and everybody above janitor at CiA; even FBI acknowledges no national security issues were compromised or even involved, even while sticking to fairytales about how they "inadvertently" targetted the head of the CIA. And they report to AG Holder.
      The sheer number of "coincidences" necessary to bring this off would argue for a pile of steel randomly assembling itself into the USS Nimitz. I don't believe in that many random coincidences, especially given the gang in charge. Petraeus is lucky Obama won; 20 years ago he'd have been found dead in Ft. Marcy Park with three bullets to the head, an unfired gun in his wrong hand, and had the TSA baggage screeners called in to rule it was obviously a suicide.

  3. "Where will I be found? March to the sound of the guns. That is where you will find me." - Napoleon

    After the sackings of Gen. Ham and Rear Adm. Gaouette, US commanders will be even less eager than they already are to take the initiative and engage the enemy, or "march to the sound of the guns." Gen. Petraeus played a shameful hand in this.

  4. "It's the Chicago Way".
    Again, I would have hoped Petreus would have been smarter than that but we all know about that "other head". Thing is, he DID leave himself open to blackmail - not by FIS, but by the mob currently running the country.
    Was going to mention RADM Gaouette, too. After building some fo the finest war-leaders in generations, we're gonna get saddled with another bunch of Clinton-era risk-averse, zero defects pols-in-uniform...
    Boat Guy