Tuesday, November 27, 2012


British Scientist Gets Five Years in Agentina Jail in 'Honey Trap' Drug Smuggling Case

This poor guy courted Ms. Milani for almost 3 months online, only to have his dreams of a heavenly breast-filled retirement come crashing down, and hard.

Now he's looking at five years in one of Argentina's toughest jails.

Video and more photos at: Professor Paul Frampton Convicted in Denise Milani 'Honey Trap' Case

A beautiful big-breasted woman will get you every time.

Amazing how a scientist could get sucked into such a honey trap.

Understandable, though, to become mesmerized by a rack of that size.


Professional Comment: This is an angle on cyber scams that I warn my clients against. In this situation, it's a combination of the classic honey trap, virtual kidnapping and tiger kidnapping;

They lured him with a beautiful woman, of course - the Honey Trap. I always tell them; if you're in a bar or a hotel lobby, and you suddenly become the object of fascination to the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life - ALARM BELLS SHOULD BE RINGING IN YOUR HEAD ! ! !

This guy's lucky he didn't wake up in a hotel room missing a kidney, because that's one of the latest angles they're using beautiful women for as bait down south. A kidney will get you up to 25K on the black market.

"Virtual Kidnapping" is where you get an email or a phone call saying they got your husband / wife / son / daughter - whatever - send money. In reality it's a scam - your loved one isn't even there, and you're sending money to a bunch of scam artists. The key thing is to ask a proof of life question, like, "Ask my (loved one) where we went for vacation last year?"

Tiger kidnapping is where they hold a loved one and make you do a crime - often involving transporting drugs.

In this case, they lured the sucker down there with the Denise Milani bait - he had to be an absolute IDIOT to fall for that. Then, they met him at the other end; no babe but here, take this suitcase to her in Argentina - this is where he CONFIRMED he's an idiot. Total lack of situational awareness at every stage of the game.



  1. I remember an incident that happened to me when I was in the Army in the mid 80's and stationed in Germany, I was at a bar and met this hot smoking babe, and asked if I could buy her a beer and if I wouldn't mind some company. Well I being a young horny 22 year old troop, said " yes". She was doing all the right things and I knew that I would "get lucky" using the term. Well she had to go to the bathroom and she had left her "ausweis" or German ID on the table. Well I looked at it and saw her age...she was 15 years old and I swore that she was in her mid 20's. from her build, mannerisms and behavior. Germany is tolerant of a lot of things, but my being an American soldier I wasn't going to find out. I left ASAP, paid the bar tab and was GONE! I left out of there as fast as my car could take me. Since then, when I would start getting serious with an foreign national, I would ask for their "Ausweis". I would pull my ID out of my wallet and make some funny comment about the picture, and I would get the girl to pull her ID out so we could make comments about the picture on it. While complimenting her on her good picture on that ID, I would also glance on the birthday, and check the YEAR and if the month and day was close to the actual day I looked at it, I would buy her an drink as part of a "pre" or "post" birthday celebration. This covered my checking out the birthday I was super careful after that.