Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Black Panther Party at Philly Polls

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Today in Philadelphia: Obama's Army

OK let's check these dirtbags out by the numbers . . .

Dirtbag needs to have a class on how to wear a beret. The doo rag is a nice touch. For a pimp, that is.

This arrogant dirtbag is getting long in the tooth. Looks like he couldn't kick his OWN ass.

This is their insignia.

This is their charismatic leader, "King Samir Shabazz" (that's his name I kid you not) This guy literally has hatred written all over his face.

Somebody explain to me what civilized country in the entire world gets away with this kind of nonsense at their polling places on election day? What would the reaction from the Left be if these were white supremacists or neo-Nazi's? For that matter, what is the difference between the New Black Panther Party and white supremacists or neo-Nazi's?

Everybody please take note of which political party these scumbags support:


Liberals have to lie, cheat and steal to win elections. They lie about their position on the issues and lie about who they are. They are dead set against voter ID laws because it limits their ability to commit voter fraud. And when the count comes down against them, they bring in their army of lawyers and activists to challenge the results and do recounts until they can steal the election.

That's how we got ass-clown Al Franken in the Senate, from Minnesota, and before that they tried it with Al Gore vs. George Bush in the '00 election.



  1. This country - at least major parts of it - stopped being "civilized" some time back. Yes, these guys are the equivalent of the Nazis and other despotic-regime-backing thugs, in large part since our side hasn't started shooting back...yet.
    Boat Guy

  2. Where were the U.N. monitors?


  3. Looks like all their vaunted voter fraud was wasted effort anyway, thanks to the oversupply of brain-dead dependent types in excess of 47%.


  4. And just jealous them boys piping down y'all Ol Ladies and Daughters making them beige babies