Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This is not a political blog it is a security blog dedicated to honor heroism.

But this election is beyond politics - the outcome of this election will affect the global security situation, has already brought to the nation's center stage the heroism of our men in Libya.

In my world we have a saying, "It ain't never over." In sports and in politics they say "It ain't over until the fat lady sings." What people don't realize is that politics is a blood sport. Well this is what I have to say about it . . . S.L.

The press and the pundits are calling it for the Kenyan. No surprise there - they've been his propaganda machine for four years - they have a vested interest. I've been following the US political scene since Nixon beat Humphrey in '68 and the press has always been against the Republicans, but I have never seen it so blatant, so obvious, so in the tank - they don't even make an attempt at objectivity.

The polls are split even between Mitt and the Bamster, across the board. But the real story nobody's reporting are the internals. The polls are flawed - not in their scientific method - in the way they are being reported.

Every poll I have looked at is weighting the sampling of Democrats by five, ten or even twenty percent. That makes a 50-50 poll an actual advantage to the Republicans. They are doing this because they are basing their sampling on the turnout of the last US Presidential election in 2008.

But this is not 2008; this is a completely different scene. In '08 we had several factors working against the Republicans that simply don't exist today. In '08 Barack Obama ran a campaign as a complete unknown; in fact it is a national scandal how the press failed to vet him as a candidate. America knows him this time around. We've seen the World Apology Tour, the strange kowtowing to Oriental staraps and potentates. We've seen him play basketball and golf, appear on Letterman and The View while good men were hung out to dry in Benghazi. We've seen the effects of his policies in Solyndra and Fast & Furious.

In '08 Obama was Elvis; but even Elvis ended up a lounge act in Vegas. The young, clean Obama with no Negro overtones - as Harry Reid (D-Nevada) described him - is no longer. Now we have the older Obama; jaded, bitter.

In '08 there was no incumbant and there was no Conservative in the race, and even still Obama did not win by a landslide; 53-47 is not a mandate.

McCain represents the best traditions of Navy aristocracy - the strong Liberal sentiments that pervade the branch of service that tolerates the most extreme social situations; because everybody knows that if they didn't there wouldn't be a Navy. McCain chose Palin as a running mate not for her conservatism - which is beyond question - but because she could deliver the Evangelical Christian vote; a block which represents 35 million. Lets see here - Romney / Ryan versus Obama / Biden - any question which way the Evangelicals will cast their powerful votes this time?

There are a lot of women who don't buy the over-the-top b*llshit Obama and crew have been dishing out about abortion and birth control. Women don't vote over that; they vote over two things: the pocketbook, and the security of the nation. Food and fuel prices have skyrocketed under Obama, and national security is in the toilet. Think Afghanistan. Think Iran. Think Benghazi. The only women who think the Republicans give a rats ass about birth control or abortion are already Obamatron Liberals - the Democrat War on Women was just that, and it backfired on them.

There are a lot of blue collar workers who will not vote for Obama. They are not stupid and they never vote as a block. In a previous era they were known as Reagan Democrats, and a lot of them are union workers - especially the coal miners. A lot of those types in Ohio and Pennsylvania, by the way.

Back in '08 Obama had something else going for him; the historic factor. A lot of independants and the people who call themselves progressives voted for the First Black President. Well that high water mark's been met, and a LOT of those people have buyers remorse. A lot of people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 will not vote for him in 2012. But I guarantee you that NOBODY who voted for McCain in '08 will turn around and vote for the Bamster. Isn't going to happen.

Something else happened since 2008 - the mid-terms, the emergence of the Tea Party, and the 2012 recall election of Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Do the pundits really think all this went away? The 2010 mid-terms were the greatest overturn of political power in this country since the Civil War; over 700 seats went to Republicans all the way down to dog catcher. The Scott Walker thing in Wisconsin was a national level effort - the Democrats and the unions poured MILLIONS into that thing and all they got was egg on their face as they trashed the State House. It is remarkable how the professional tea-leaf readers are ignoring these indicators.

Pundits talk a lot about the independants - if this race is tied 50-50 (and I don't believe it is, not by a long shot) - the independants will break against the incumbant; every time.

Last but not least there's the Redskins Rule. The Washington Redskins - 18 of the last 19 elections they've blown it on a home game before the election; the out-of-power party wins.

That distant thunder you hear is a thundering herd of Republican elephants - I'm calling it a landslide for Romney.



  1. I call it the same way for the same reasons. The stench of desperation emanates from the Obama campaign.

    Thanks for the shout-out to Wisconsin. I am proud to have been part of it.

    The media and the Left DOES believe the TEA Party activists just "went away". they are in for a HUGE surprise. We are now poll workers, poll watchers, phone-bank workers, we work lit drops and, in some cases we have taken over the local GOP.

    Many thinks for your service and devotion to the United States of America and the Constitution we both swore to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. We will win this battle, but the war will go on. Keep the faith. It's Morning in America again.

  2. I give the political Middle in America credit: when faced with a cranky old fringe Republican from an underpopulated desert, untrusted by even most in his own party, or being able to say they "were at Woodstock" by voting for a young, cool, hip, first-Black-President-in-America, untested Washington outsider. They chose to go with electing the Affirmative Action president.

    Those of us who knew better spent four years saying things like "I told you so." And "Marry in haste, repent at leisure." Barry Zero spent the time surpassing the wildest expectations and gloomiest "worst case" assumptions made. In four years, the mildest complaint against him is that he's never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    As an optimist, I see the election outcome as you do, SL.
    I want answers on a lot of things, like WTF we're still trying to accomplish in A-stan, about Benghazigate, Fast & Furious, and yes by crikey on travel records, transcripts, and an actual factual certificate of live birth, and the provenance for same. Being a tall, skinny guy, I think BO would look good in stripes.

    But as a cynical pragmatist, I'll settle for what won't be "the beginning of the end, but at least the end of the beginning" when the only poll that counts is counted tomorrow.

    So a toast then, "To the next Ex-President of the United States, Barrack Obama!"
    DLTDHYITAOYWO, you treasonous incompetent America-hating bastard.


  3. I agree with all that you written! BUT, I'm concerned about the aftermath....has America learned anything!??!
    Just last week one of my patients who is a Zor Shriner (and I assumed was conservative) stated that "America isn't socialist enough!" Thats the tripe I'm hearing. Those folks of that ilk are conceding the election battle, BUT they are NOT conceding the war.


  4. The American people must WAKE UP! ! !

    What were they thinking when they elected a MARXIST MUSLIM MONKEY in 2008? ? ?

  5. Oh well.

    So much for hope.
    Or change.

    Note for 2016 (assuming no apocalypse twixt then and now)...:
    Maybe run a guy who's not the equivalent of a Democrat in 47 other states?
    Just sayin'...

    Back to filling sandbags, boys.