Saturday, December 1, 2012


Check out THESE guys:

I saw them last night on the National Geographic Channel: Family Guns - A Family Business Father and son run one of the largest antique gun suppliers in the world, based out of New Jersey.

They have an incredible collection of every kind of miiltary firearm imaginable, going right back to the British Brown Bess muskets that carved out the Empire (and lost the Revolution). If you have a chance to catch the show, look at it; they even fired a repeating Hotchkiss four-inch gun. Awesome.

So I decided it's time to get serious about my militaria collection; zipped over to their site, opened an account and picked up a sixteen-inch sword bayonet & scabbard for my Garand.

New Jersey, of all places. That's just across the river from where I am these days. I'm going to have to go pay them a visit.

"Guns are Good!"



  1. IMA-USA- AKA- cheap junk/worthless crap ,made in india.IMA are a bunch of junk dealers who mark almost worthless crap up 2000% then foist it on newbies as "colectors Items" Not one damn thing they sell is worth 10 cents on the dollar of what they charge. ALL the "antique" guns they sell are crappy rust balls. The rest are phony "NON-GUNS" parts kits welded to bar stock. IMA-USA is a rip off. They know that 99% of you don't know that UFH (union fork and hoe) is ww2 while SWI 1943 was made in India last month. Good luck with that.(16 in. M-1905 bayonet makers- RIA (rock island armory) SA (springfield armory) UFH and ONIDA cutlery thats it just 4- EVERYTHING ELSE IS A REPRODUCTION. M-1905 bayonets in VG and up sell between 250$ and 750$ . SWI and other IMA junk re-sell for 40$ or LESS. ;) HND

  2. IMA notes very clearly that they're selling repro 1905 bayonets, in case the price wasn't enough to clue in anyone with a brain. So that was a rather pointless rant.

    And SL, their weekly ads in Shotgun News are half the reason I buy the thing. I'm surprised you weren't aware of their little operation. Unfortunately, they're about 14 states away, so mail order is the way for me. If it wasn't for bookstores and surplus stores, I'd be a milionaire.

    Best Regards,

  3. What I found fascinating is that the owner is a Brit.

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