Friday, December 21, 2012


Contemplations on the Mayan Calendar End of the World: "Been there, done that, got the T-shirt . . ." - S.L.

I knew the world wasn't going to end, and I'll tell you why:

They seem to come out with these End of the World scenarios about once every ten or twelve years these days, and the usual gang of idiots responds to it, climbs to mountain tops and gets naked or whatever, has a huge orgy in the rain. Then the next day the sun comes up and the Mother Ship hasn't appeared and everybody feels kind of stupid - that is if they didn't mass suicide at the height of the ceremonies.

Somewhere out there is a crazed Green Beret snorting lines of coke off the buttcheeks of Colombian hookers and chasing it down with shots of El Patron Plata. He's going to wake up with a helluva hangover, possibly missing a kidney, and however thousands of dollars he paid for the party lighter in the wallet.

Me? I'm going to the office - there's some paperwork to file for my latest trip, and I'm on standby for the latest madness downrange. I always volunteer for whatever the standby thing is for the holidays - that way it's sure never to happen.

One of these days I'll get lucky . . .

. . . its not every day its the End of the World, after all . . .


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  1. i realy need to get a life i miss all the fun parties. oh well gotta work tomorrow. Skullhead